Predictable (and tragic) Failure of Conventional Cancer Care & How to Survive and Thrive

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  No one likes to read novels with predictable endings. We like to be surprised and delighted.  So you, dear reader, can appreciate how dis-spiriting it is for me to read these medical reports,  time and again, over and over with lethal predictability, reading how the trusting patient is scared and rushed into doing the standard of care only to predictably discover to his or her horror, that – no surprise-  after chemotherapy,  radiation therapy  and surgery, within 3-5 years the cancer is back with a vengeance.  This lovely, wonderful, life-filled lady and loving mother did everything her oncologist told her to do:  she had her breast with cancer cut off and she had her other breast with no cancer removed (to be safe !!) and she suffered through courses of the prescribed chemotherapy and then suffered through the prescribed radiation therapy.  And I can’t tell you how terrible it is to read -again with no surprise – that she is worse off now than she was before trusting and subjecting herself to the standard of cancer care.   And even worse, she now is hopeless and dis-spirited.

And even more tragically, she hopes (quite illogically) that the conventional doctor will now be able or willing to offer her something  “out of the box”.  

Had she or her oncologist studied the significance of  1) cancer STEM cells being more lethal than cancer TUMOR cells  or   2)  how inflammation drives cancer requiring “centsible” anti-inflammatory foods or   3)  how cancer is not a genetic problem   or  4) how Professor Max Wicha, M.D.  explains: “chemotherapy and radiation make your cancer worse” or  4) the significance of how the integrity of the cell membrane allows for adequate oxygenation of the cell making cancer development and progression a physiologic impossibility (a la Nobel Laureate, Otto Warburg as amplified by Brian Peskin in his revolutionary book The Hidden Story of Cancer)



Radiation Oncology Consultation

Evergreen Health, Kirkland, WA NAME:   ——————

DOB: 09/23/1965

DATE OF SERVICE: 02/04/2015


The patient is a delightful 49-year-old female, status post bilateral mastectomies for high risk for recurrence breast cancer.
This procedure of September 7, 2011, included a prophylactic left mastectomy and therapeutic right mastectomy, with the latter having multifocal, pathologic stage MIA infiltrating ductal carcinoma.
The patient received adjuvant chemotherapy followed by right chest wall and regional nodal radiation therapy.
Unfortunately, the patient had a subsequent rise in tumor markers, with CT scans demonstrating lung metastases, biopsy-proven. 
Biopsies showed the recurrence to the triple negative (ER/PR/HER-2 negative, recognizing that the initial primary site at diagnosis in 2011 was ER/PR negative and HER-2 positive by immunohistochemistry.
Dr. ——- has proposed clinical trial participation versus off-trial chemotherapy, the patient presents for an additional opinion regarding any potential role for radiation therapy as well as ”˜for any out of the box thought you might have.”

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