No more with seeking Silver Bullets

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  The tide is turning.  Chemo and radiation try to be silver bullets. But increasingly scientists and clinicians – in particular practitioners of Corrective Cancer Care – eschew the fantasy of seeking a silver bullet and seek instead to generalize the benefits of health through global effects of good nutrition and good exercise and good thinking.  We are abandoning the holy grail of genetics and reminding ourselves of the overwhelmingly important factor of epi-genetics.  Ultimately, in order to help people survive and thrive,  we may recall that cancer is a symptom of imbalances and not itself actually an illness. It is a consequence of dis-ease (imbalance). The miracle worker is the body – not a drug or herb.  



When he was Director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach (later he became Director of the FDA), in speaking about the new paradigm for cancer therapy, stated:

“And we tended to think in terms of looking for the silver bullet. In the new paradigm it’s not going to be a silver bullet; there’s not going to be one treatment. There’s going to be a portfolio of treatments tailored for a particular situation and we’re not necessarily always going to completely eradicate cancer but we’re going to control it. And cancer will be thought of more as a chronic disease than an acute disease. So what we’ll see in this crystal ball is our ability to not necessarily completely cure or eradicate but control and suppress and allow someone to live a full rich life and die of some other reason.”

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