Legality of Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: My colleague Erwin Alber is one of many wise professionals seeking to have a level playing field for this debate about the the legality of forcing vaccinations.  The fear tactics and the ability of large pro-vaccine foundations and agencies to control the media’s expression on this topic conspire to degrade the quality of information on the table. Here is the faintly heard “other side” to this debate about who can tell you what to take into your body as medicine. 


Re: Legality of vaccine mandates

I find it outrageous that the medical-pharmaceutical establishment is able to take steps to remove vaccine exemptions in total disregard of evidence based on official government statistics which clearly show that vaccines played no part in the remarkable decline of infectious disease mortality over the past century, meaning that vaccination is an outright fraud peddled as disease prevention.

We now have the absurd situation where vaccines which supposedly prevent diseases and save lives in actuality cause far more harm including deaths in developed countries than the diseases they are used against (in developing countries infectious diseases and vaccination programmes are both disastrous).

We also have the bizarre situation where we have it on public record that the authorities and vaccine manufacturers held a secret meeting at Simpsonwood in Georgia where they discussed the neurological problem  vaccines are causing and at which they decided to deny everything and to admit nothing – a clear case of conspiring against the public good, of knowingly causing harm to children and of defrauding the taxpayers of public funds, yet nobody has been held accountable (!).

This push to remove vaccine exemptions has of course nothing to do with the Disneyland measles outbreak apart from it being used as a pretext to implement mandatory vaccination. Dr. Tenpenny has uncovered some very interesting facts about the background of this push to override our fundamental right to decide what goes into our and our children’s bodies:

This right is fundamental in that it is innate and unalienable and therefore is not granted by nor can it be removed by the state; the government can only either support, or violate that right.

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