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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is so tragic and so predictable and so common. What is rare is that it made the news. 


Breaking News: Vaccine Tragedy in Mexico

SaneVax-FeaturedBy Mario Lamo-Jiménez, Guest Author

May 8, 2015: The indigenous municipality of Simojovel, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico reported the death of two babies after the administration of vaccines against hepatitis B (HepB), tuberculosis (BCG), and rotavirus.

Within hours of receiving the vaccines, 37 babies out of a total of 52 vaccinated had adverse reactions; some began to convulse with the tragic result of two dead and 37 hospitalized, 13 of whom reported to be in critical condition.

According to the Catholic organization Pueblo Creyente, the dead included a 30-day-old girl and a 28-day-old boy.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) ordered the preventive suspension of the BCG (Tuberculosis), Rotavirus and Hepatitis B vaccine, after what they suspect were allergic reactions to the vaccines administered to the minors in Chiapas.

Although this news has been widely disseminated in the Spanish-language press, it has been virtually ignored by the English-language press.

What is wrong with this picture?

A recent outbreak of measles originating in Disneyland with no fatalities received world-wide media coverage and calls for legislation resulting in a heated battle regarding public vaccination policies.

A vaccination incident in Mexico which negatively impacted nearly 80% of the recipients, resulting in two deaths, 37 hospitalizations and 13 babies fighting for their lives has not been reported to the community at large and is certainly not being reported in other countries, particularly the United States.

Is this lack of media coverage because vaccines are promoted as “safe and effective” and no one wants to tarnish that image?

Is the lack of media coverage because it would negatively impact efforts to make vaccines mandatory and affect the profits of vaccine manufacturers and various other stakeholders?

It is crucial that the international community be informed of these deaths and of the fact that these vaccines have as of now been suspended in Mexico. It is an essential part of the universal right to informed consent.

Mothers in Simojevel are now asking themselves how safe these vaccines can be if they can kill perfectly healthy children within hours, and also leave many more in a very precarious health condition.

The municipality if Simojevel has historically been besieged by drug traffickers with their religious leaders have received death threats. It seems the only state intervention so far has been to promote these vaccinations, with the reported catastrophic results.

When will human lives become more important than vaccine uptake?

Business Standard reports two killed 37 sickened after reactions to vaccines in Mexico
IMSS suspended Tuberculosis vaccine, Rotavirus and Hepatitis B after events in Chiapas
IMSS will investigate poisoning of children in Chiapas after being vaccinated



AND see this coverage from  CNN


BUT NOW….  the spin campaign begins

This is precious! — blame the deaths on a bacteria that has not been identified yet!!


Mexico says vaccine not to blame for baby deaths

Mexican health authorities on Tuesday said a bacteria was responsible for the deaths last weekend of two babies and for sickening 29 others””not a vaccine as initially feared.

The  became sick after getting shots against Hepatitis B in the indigenous town of Simojovel, southern Chiapas state.

“The fault is not on vaccines that were defective or medically bad,” said Jose Antonio Gonzalez, director general of the IMSS national public health care system.

“The contamination comes from outside. Certain bacterias have been found,” he said. “We have yet to determine the type of bacteria and origin of the external contamination.”

Ten of 24 children who were still in a hospital will be released on Tuesday and remain under medical watch for 72 hours, he said.

Two of six children who were in serious condition are now stable.

Gonzalez stressed that the government will continue its vaccination campaigns “because there is no risk.”

The IMSS said it had only suspended the lots of the hepatitis vaccine used in Simojovel.


From Keith Bell

Re: Mexico back-peddling on recent vaccine injuries

Interesting considering:
1) no studies about how any of the childhood vaccines affect flora balance.
2) no studies about how microbes present affect childhood vaccine response.

The vaccines in question are TB, rotavirus and HepB:

The bacteria being blamed likely came from the inside, not external as stated. For example, the cholera vaccine is known to significantly increase gram-negative bacteria:
Dynamics of intestinal flora after oral vaccination with inactivated whole-cell/recombinant B subunit O139 cholera vaccine. 2004

The BCG vaccine (TB) is thought to cause type 2 diabetes. In Japan, discontinuation of a TB vaccine (BCG) was found to reduce type 2 diabetes rates. (The same BCG vaccine is being studied to reverse type 1 diabetes.) One researcher believes the mechanism for how the vaccine causes type 2 diabetes is inflammatory cortisol secretion, stating “Japanese children produce much more cortisol following immunization than Caucasian children.”

But why would Japanese babies produce more cortisol? It’s known bacterial toxins (LPS) stimulate cortisol secretion:

LPS is a product of gram-negative bacteria, the Bacteroides and Fusobacteria. Japanese babies have a microbial predisposition toward being little LPS factories due to generations of sushi consumption.

One study found higher fusobacterium in Japanese flora than Canadian where fusobacteria are similar to Bacteroides, but with more powerful LPS.

People Are Different and it’s not a simple matter of genes, but microbial predisposition.

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