Of Measles and Men

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  The California’s measles (B3 genotype) outbreak has been officially declared over on April 17th by state health officials.  There are 3 types of people:  1) those that make things happen, 2) those that watch things happen and 3) those that wonder what happened.   I assume you heard about the “measles  epidemic” that started in Disney Land which resulted in legislation being passed in many states removing the right of parents and individuals to opt of of vaccinations. Now we can begin to see how this was a staged event.  Just that way a friend of yours who worked for the federal Transportation Security Agency (TSA) would disclose to you that it is really only “theatre”,  and that all TSA agents understand (according to CBS) that they are there for show  and do NOT really increase our safety   (especially when compared to the professionalism of the Israelis –  here are some reasonable suggestions),  so to the CDC’s concerted response to the measles was “theatre” in order to further attack freedom of choice in health care for the sake of the bottom line.   Let’s read “the rest of the story”. 

The CDC analyzed 159 measles cases reported during January 4-April 2, 2015, “The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MWR)”, April 17, 2015, an update surveillance data on current measles outbreaks in the U.S. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6414a1.htm

Here are a few of the findings

From the five categories of known vaccine history of reported measles cases, one included, 29 measles cases in the “not vaccinated because of philosophical or religious objection to vaccination” and another was, 28 measles cases in the “vaccinated”.

Of all the reported measles cases more than half were in adults.

There were 60 measles cases with unknown (or undocumented) vaccine status.

Only 14% of the measles cases were hospitalized even when most (83%) were in the higher risk groups, less than 5 and older than 19 years of age.  No other complications and no deaths were reported.

There were 5 separate measles cases of unknown source.

What wasn’t included in the report’s “Discussion” was information about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  There are babies, children, and adults who have been injured and or have died after the MMR vaccine. 
To read the complete MMWR, Measles ”” United States, January 4-April 2, 2015 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6414a1.htm
“…To update surveillance data on current measles outbreaks, CDC analyzed cases reported during January 4-April 2, 2015. …There were 5 measles cases of unknown source. (Figure 1) …
The majority of the 159 patients with reported measles in the 2015 outbreaks were either unvaccinated (71 [45%]) or had unknown vaccination status (60 [38%]); 28 (18%) had received measles vaccine.
During January 4-April 2, 2015, a total of 159 measles cases (in 155 U.S. residentsand four foreign visitors)

Among the 68 of the 155 U.S. residents with measles and “known” vaccine status:

  • 28 – had received measles vaccine  (almost 50% were vaccinated!)
  • 29 – not vaccinated, cited philosophical or religious objections to vaccination
  • 27 – were too young to receive vaccination (26 patients) or had a medical contraindication (one)
  •   9 – Includes persons who were known to be unvaccinated and the reason was unknown, and those who were born before 1957 and presumed to be immune
  •   3 – represented missed opportunities for vaccination
  • 60 – unknown vaccination status
    Patients ranged in age from 6 weeks to 70 years:
    26 (16%) were aged <12 months, (What happened to maternal antibodies? Chris)
    18 (12%) were aged 1-4 years,
    27 (17%) were aged 5-19 years,
    58 (36%) were aged 20-39 years,
    30 (19%) were aged ≥40 years.
  • Over half of the reported measles cases,  88 (55%), were aged >20 years

Twenty-two patients (14%)were hospitalized, including five with pneumonia. No other complications and no deaths have been reported.




Just thought you’d like to know  “the rest of the story”…

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