Vaccine excipients .. say WHAT?

Dr. Weeks’ Comments:   Vaccination, in theory appears reasonable but nonetheless, an understanding of human physiology persuades us that the route of exposure qualifies the consequent immune response.  Intramuscular inoculation of a vaccine (a shot)  is not as healthy as intranasal presentation of the antigen which allows for an intricate and health promotion of the immune response.  The immune system is “out flanked” when antigens appear in the blood which never presented to nasal mucosa.  But Doctors!  Theoretical vaccination technology aside,  please honor the foundation of civilized medicine and informed the parents and kids of the following facts re excipients in the vaccines. Remember: being fulling informed is essential for attaining informed consent.

Thanks to my colleague Eileen Dannemann for pulling this list together.


Vaccines have a load of excipients that must be metaoblized by Cyp 450.  I list some vaccine excipents below.Lets look more closely at the excipient ingredients in vaccines.   The following understanding that Infants cannot metabolize the multiple overload of the repetitive excipeint ingredients in multimple vaccines and the distribution of the excipient list to legislators would be valuable. Excipients and Cyp P450:

Common excipients in Vaccines are inhibiting Cytochrome P450.  Considering Cyp 450 is immature in the infant and child,  the following excipients can’t be dealt with, released or detoxified in the infant and growing child.  It is to be noted that the inhibition of Cytochrome P450 and the inability to release the toxins from the body in cases of Adults cause serious psychotic events including suicide and “heinous” homicides.  Could these vaccine ingredients that are not metabolized by infants and children in various degrees appear like “mental illness”, hence the DSM misdiagnosis criteria. 

CDC VACCINE EXCIPIENT LIST: list of excipients below commonly injected MANY times in infants in many overlapping vaccines need Cyp 450 to metabolize yet some children, due to genetic variation,  are totally missing the activity of Cyp 450 and all children have immature Cyp 450 activity.

Some lethal excipients for Infants and children due to the fact that some children are missing the activity of Cyp 450 and all infants and children have immature development of the Cyp 450.

Re: Polysorbate 80, a common vaccine excipient:

The results indicate that these non-ionic surfactants are in vitro inhibitors of CYP-mediated metabolism
Study…  Ethanol and Formaldehyde, vaccine excipients:

Re:  Alcohol, a vaccine excipient

RE: Benzethonium Chloride, a vaccine excipient
Notice that in the latest drug commercials they advertiser warns against Grapefruit seed extract.  This is because GSE inhibits Cytochrome P450 and therefore inhibits detoxifcation of toxic elements

Some manufacturers of GSE have stated that their extract has compounds nearly identical to benzethonium chloride

Phenol, a benzene metabolite, a vaccine excipient

Asthma, Allergies, Inflammation & the role of Cyp 450
What if the exipients such as the above and Aluminum Hydroxide adjuvants are inhibiting the already immature activity of Cyp 450 that apparently is important in  reducing inflammation?
Cyp 450 and lungs

Aluminum Phosphate, a vaccine excipient and SBS

Shaking Baby Syndrome & bone breaking symptoms:

Aluminum accumulation in bone has become much less frequent with cessation of use of aluminum-containing phosphate binders. Unfortunately, the binders which have largely replaced aluminum have not proven completely satisfactory


Osteomalacia – Mayo Clinic
Osteomalacia refers to a softening of your bones, often caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Soft bones are more likely to bow and fracture than are harder, healthy bones.  Note:  As per the SBS & bone breaking symptom in the above link Aluminum – containing phosphae binders cause Osteomalacia as well.

Immaturity of Cyp 450 in infants (So why are we giving Hep B with
at one hour old?) Attached

Comment Hep B contains many of these excipient ingredients which an infant is unable to metabolize.  This is a point that can be made when writing a model Hep B bill.

SuperCYP ( is a comprehensive resource focused on CYPs and drug metabolism.

Layman’s talk on Cyp 450

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