WIFI in airplanes… not good.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: WIFI is not healthy and in an airplane it is worse!  A friend reported to me the following great news:

Great news Brad

I flew China Eastern from San Francisco to Shanghai, PRC, and then from Shanghai to Nagoya, Japan. The planes were new and modern. The seats had a wide birth — i.e. plenty of room. The meals were decent. The airline hosts and hostesses were extremely pleasant. And they had “No WiFi.” Yes, “No WiFi.” It is not a good idea to turn a plane into a large microwave oven by having a WiFi (or should I say Why Fry) system inside of it. Whenever I have flown on airplanes with WiFi, I have gotten extremely sick and felt I needed at least a week to recover from the stupid ordeal. And now they are putting this shit in cars! Another brilliantly stupid idea!


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