Infants get adult vaccine dosage

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  This is bad medicine, bad politics and bad behavior. Bravo to the courageous whistleblower.


Killing Premature babies with mature vaccine schedules NURSE WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS OUT


The JAMA study  Michelle references in this interview confirmed that vaccinations given to extreme low birth weight (ELBW) infants can cause serious adverse events, including fever, which necessitates painful, invasive and expensive procedures, including blood and urine cultures. Infants are then exposed to empirical antibiotic therapy for several days until the results of the cultures are known. The disruption to the gut-microbiome of a newborn can have a life-long impact of bad health and autoimmune disease. Current research provides evidence that the gut microbiome interacts with many physiological systems and metabolic processes in the developing infant. Disruptions as such a tender age can have an adverse impact on growth, development, and general health of the infant.


The Tiniest ones…Doctors ignore premature birth weights when giving vaccines

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