The Cancer Care revolution continues!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:   The Revolution in Cancer Care continues!  One of the major critics of conventional cancer care, Dr. Max Wicha, is now on the National Cancer Advisory Board.  How significant is this?  Well six years ago, Dr. Wicha terrified the cancer establishment when he went on the record saying  “Chemotherapy and Radiation make your cancer worse.”  Now he is advising the nation!   His research shows that anti-inflammatory agents are the new way to treat cancer and he endorses certain vegetables but we know that whole organic crushed black cumin seed, black raspberry seed and Chardonnay grape seed are more powerful and more beneficial.

Here are some highlights of the recorded interview 

“How close  getting away from chemotherapy and radiation?”

We are close and here are the three revolutionary approaches:

1) targeted therapies – treatments tailored to the patient’s individual tumor and own genetic predispositions

2) remedying the lethal cancer STEM cells  – 70 trials underway!!

3) harnessing body’s immune system – new ways to help the body target cancerTUMOR and cancer STEM cells

Notable quotations:  “Cancer is preventable.   Cancer develops from normal tissue stem cells.”

Promising dietary options:  Sulfurophane (broccoli) and Curcumin (tumeric)

Listen to the interview HERE

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