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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Everyone knows that America has a serious drug problem.  Did you know that 1 in 10 Americans over age 12 takes an anti-depressant? (!!!) Or that More than 60% of Americans taking antidepressant medication have taken it for 2 years or longer, with 14% having taken the medication for 10 years or more.


  • 23% of women in their 40s and 50s take antidepressants, a higher percentage than any other group (by age or sex)
  • Women are 2½ times more likely to be taking an antidepressant than men
  • 14% of non-Hispanic white people take antidepressants compared with just 4% of non-Hispanic blacks and 3% of Mexican Americans;

Today is Independence Day in America, and I feel blessed to have helped so many people liberate themselves and become independent from prescription medications in general and from psychiatric de-humanizing medications in particular.   If you, or someone you love, is dependent upon psychiatric medications, inquire about orthomolecular or Corrective Health options and take steps to assure your or their independence.  And I, as a founding Board Member of the very courageous Ann Blake Tracy Ph.D. ‘s educational organization International Coalition for Drug Awareness , encourage you to educate your self about the dark side of these mood altering drugs. Why not stop the synthetic, patented, for-profit drugs and do the common sense thing instead: simply nourish yourself with those substances which you are made of but which you are deficient in?  In the words of nobel laureate Linus Pauling :   

“Orthomolecular Psychiatry is the treatment of mental disease by the provision of the optimum molecular environment for the mind, especially the optimum concentrations of substances normally present in the body.”


Paxil-Induced Murder Suicide Inspired

Jennifer Anniston’s Movie “Cake”

Tim Tobin family

Tim, Deb and Alyssa Tobin

Well I don’t normally watch movies but will go watch this one since I worked on the Tobin vs Glaxo case for three plus years. Almost three of those years were spent waiting on the high profile attorney Jerry Spence to see if he would handle the case until he concluded he did not know enough about antidepressants to do the case justice. At that point Andy Vickery, who has been the lead attorney handling so many of these cases for many years, was brought in on the case. In the end the jury ruled that the two Paxil pills taken by Donald Schell before the tragedy was the main cause of Tim Tobin’s father-in-law, Donald Schell, killing his wife, daughter and infant grand-daughter before killing himself.

I actually learned about this case while testifying in the case of a woman in Western Wyoming who had shot her husband while he slept. She too was on Paxil and had no recall of what had happened but knew she must have been the one to shoot her husband as she had what she described as “a smoking gun” in her hand. So this women, described by all as the “nicest woman in town,” walked over to the Sheriff’s office and turned herself in.

Phil - Brynn Hartman

Comedian Phil Hartman and his wife, Brynn


The following morning after driving back from Wyoming the night before I woke up to the reports of the murder suicide of comedian Phil Hartman and his wife Brynn. I was shocked that the case was identical to both of these Wyoming cases from the day before. The following evening I spoke with Brynn Hartman’s family and told them why I suspected the drugs and not to stop looking until they found one of these antidepressants. Because of what I had heard about the case I felt strongly antidepressants were behind it. I was not about to have the Hartman’s children go through life without either of their parents and no answers as to why their mother had done this.

All of these cases were much too similar. Although in the Hartman case the antidepressants involved were Zoloft and Tramadol, instead of Paxil. The Hartman children’s wrongful death case did not go to court as this one did but was settled by Pfizer the manufacturer of Zoloft.

Antidepressant-Induced REM Sleep Disorder (RBD)

Although I agree that pain killers are a very serious problem I am disappointed that the drug involved in the Tobin tragedy was not addressed in this movie instead – the antidepressant Paxil. Antidepressants produce a sleep disorder called REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) where the patient has no paralysis during sleep and can act out the nightmares they are having. It has long been known to include both murder and suicide. Latest figures show that 86% of those being diagnosed with this deadly sleep disorder are taking an antidepressant. Even more frightening is that RBD has long been known as a drug withdrawal state so we could expect even more cases if the patient or their doctor does not know enough to understand that patients should wean extremely slowly off these medications to avoid the withdrawal.

Cake the Movie

Here is an introduction to the movie and background: EXCLUSIVE: The true story behind Jennifer Aniston’s Cake – how movie’s scriptwriter was inspired by the brutal murder of his brother’s wife, baby daughter and mother-in-law

Cake has been acclaimed for Aniston’s portrayal of suicidal mom hooked on prescription drugs in aftermath of car crash that killed her child. Daily Mail Online can reveal movie was written by Patrick Tobin after his brother’s young family was slaughtered by a relative.Deb Tobin and her nine-month-old daughter Alyssa were shot dead by her father, along with her mom Rita Schell, by Don Schell, her father Tim Tobin, Patrick’s brother, found the horrific scene at father-in-law’s home in Gillette, Wyoming on Valentine’s Day, 1998

Schell was taking anti-depressant Paxil and Tim Tobin sued maker, winning $6.4m compensation after it was named ”˜proximate cause’ of killings. Patrick Tobin then quit Hollywood to look after his suicidal brother and eventually wrote Cake as a result of experience. Jennifer Aniston’s career-defining performance in hit movie Cake has earned her a flurry of plaudits and award nominations.

The Friends star gives a gritty portrayal of suicidal mom Claire Bennett who is hooked on prescription drugs while struggling to live with debilitating injuries she endured in a car crash that killed her child. When it was missed from the Oscars shortlist, many critics said it was a miss and should have been included. But few watching the heart-wrenching Hollywood film will be aware that the screen drama is in fact inspired by a tragic and brutal real life story.

Daily Mail Online has learned that screenwriter Patrick Tobin penned the powerful movie following a devastating family tragedy that saw four of his brother’s family slaughtered.

Read more of the original article here:

And you can find an excellent blog by Paxil-survivor Bobby Fiddaman along with the court documents in the Tobin vs Glaxo case here:

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,  International Coalition for Drug Awareness

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