Elon Musk and targeting cancer STEM cells (finally)

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: I have long taught that in America, where corporate medicine is in control (as opposed to holistic, integrative care) profit is the main driver. So, when we discovered 10 years ago that conventional standard of care oncologists were targeting the WRONG cancer cell (the TUMOR cell, rather than the more lethal cancer STEM cell) we predicted that the ineffective and toxic treatments (chemo, radiation and surgery) would continue to be forced on terrified patients newly diagnosed with cancer (despite oncologists knowing that a better treatment is available!) until profits can be derived from targeting cancer STEM cells.

Well now big money, in the form of Fidelity Investments, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, (among others) are funding the development of drugs to target the real cancer causing cell – the cancer STEM cell!

So, I now predict that, within 2 years, your oncologist will say (what she and he has known for almost a decade but not admitted due to being muzzled by Big Pharm and fearing to step out of line and offer medicine ABOVE the standard of care!):  “Good new! We now have a better treatment for your cancer than chemo and radiation and surgery, We will target your cancer STEM cells with anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Of course, your oncologist will not tell you that the new drugs are patented and therefore exorbitantly expensive and that crushed whole seed drinks and an anti-inflammatory diet is just as beneficial and less expensive. But this is good news: at least the tragic era of chemo radiation and surgery will be behind us.  Until then, Get informed and Get Corrective Cancer Care. 


5 Reasons Stemcentrx May be Getting Ready to IPO

A cancer stem cell (CSC) is said to be the single cancer cell that gives birth to all other cancer cell types. If you can target cancer stem cells, you can destroy cancer much more effectively. While the existence of cancer stem cells is still being debated, this hasn’t stopped 3 companies involved in cancer stem cell technology from going public in the past 3 years; Stemline Therapeutics (NASDAQ:STML), OncoMed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:OncoMed), and Verastem (NASDAQ:VSTM). A few months ago, we created a Nanalyze Cancer Cell Stock motif to track the performance of the “cancer stem cell theme”:


As seen above, the cancer stem cell stocks have not performed very well over the past year. In fact, only one of these companies has shown a positive return since IPO which is Stemline Therapeutics which sits at just +3% over the closing price of their first day trading.

While the theme hasn’t fared well so far, investors in any of these stocks should be aware of a cancer stem cell startup that is valued at nearly 3X the combined market cap of all three publicly traded companies above. Having just emerged from stealth mode with a massive late stage round of funding, Stemcentrx is a company that both Elon Musk and Peter Thiel believe will be able to make cancer stem cell treatments a reality.


Founded in 2011, Stemcentrx has taken in around $373 million in funding so far from the likes of Fidelity Investments, Sequoia Capital, Elon Musk, and Peter Thiel’s “Founders Fund”. The Company’s latest round of funding was announced a few weeks ago, a whopping $250 million Series G round giving them a valuation of over $3 billion and landing them in 3rd place as the highest valued healthcare unicorn.


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