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Indian Court Told: “Releasing Vaccine Data Would Alarm Public”!

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An Indian Rotavirus vaccine has been trialed in India. The results showed that the vaccine has a very high rate of intestinal telescoping (intussusception) which is much higher than the Rota vaccine that got banned internationally. What was more alarming was the trial data from a Medical College in Vellore, India that the vaccine was causing 70 times more such adverse events than the currently licensed vaccine in India! The trial data was refused despite several appeals and applications including a petition (https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/To_The_Director_Christian_Medical_College_Vellore_632004_Release_Indian_Rotavirus_Vaccine_Trial_Data/?pv=5)

The background to this story is here;

After this a case was filed in the Indian High Court, New Delhi. The respondents are still refusing to reveal the data claiming that doing so would alarm the public! I suspect there is much more to it than the extremely high rates of intussusception! Moreover, the Prime Ministers Office in India has appointed an expert committee who too are non cooperative on the matter and want the High Court to order them to do so! The details are here and had reportedly said that it would cause ‘social anxiety’! (see the reply by peer2 in yellow);

Moreover the respondents had also pleaded that as it is an Indian venture, trying to put the blame on the vaccine could tarnish the nation’s image. However, a cursory Google search reveals that the patent is held by DHHS, USA!

Indian vaccine but patent
Original AssigneeThe United States Of America As Represented By The Department Of Health And Human Services
Inventors Roger I. GlassJohn R. GentschM. K. BhanBimal K. Das

Of all the vaccine scandals in India, this seems to take the cake.

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Re: Daily Mail features boy with narcolepsy from NASAL flu

Celeste, you did such an amazing job with your article on the nasal flu vaccine dangers:

6 Reasons I Won’t Give My Kids The Nasal Flu Vaccine

Maybe you could rewrite it, excerpting the relevant research points to help spread the word about this “unintended, adverse health consequence.”

As many of us know, the H1N1 Flu vaccine was found to increase the risk of narcolepsy by 14 fold: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/h1n1-flu-vaccine-14-fold-increased-risk-incurable-brain-condition%3D1

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