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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Let’s consider two quotations from Professor Max Wicha, M.D.

“Chemotherapy and radiation therapy make your cancer worse.”


“I believe that in my life time, we will see the end of chemotherapy and radiation therapy as standard of care treatments.  Soon oncologists will offer cancer patients far less toxic treatments which target cancer stem cells with anti-inflammatory agents and immunotherapy.”

Nowhere in health care does access to “tomorrow’s medicine today” matter more than in cancer care where the standards treatments, despite best intentions on the part of oncologists, are admittedly not only ineffective but barbaric.  How tragic that, despite superior remedies existing today, your oncologist (who is only allowed to offer you consensus medicine – i.e. the standard of care) cannot offer them to you. New and more effective treatments are only offered when a committee of experts OK’s them. This column is devoted to getting you scientific information about “tomorrow’s medicine today” so that you can overcome your illnesses using remedies which are scientifically validated despite not yet being approved by the bureaucracies who dictate standard of care.

Who is Prof. Max Wicha, M.D.? In addition to serving on the National Cancer Advisory Board, he is Chairman of the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Care  and Director of The Wicha Lab. Dr. Wicha is among the most highly-cited investigators in the field of  cancer stem cells (CSCs) and elucidated a number of intrinsic and extrinsic pathways which regulate self-renewal and cell fate decisions in CSCs.

What is a cancer STEM cell and how is it different from cancer TUMOR cells? This metaphor might be helpful. Imagine you’re the sheriff of a peaceful town and you learn that a couple of troublemakers have arrived and are preparing to incite a riot in the town square. You would send your deputies down to control the situation. But how would you feel if they returned informing you that they locked up all the bystanders but let the ringleaders go free? This would concern you because you would expect not only would the ringleader continue to stir up trouble, but in all likelihood, they would become more aggressive. This is what happens when chemotherapy and radiation are used. The relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cells (in this metaphor the bystanders at the riot) are indeed killed; however chemotherapy and radiation not only does not kill the cancer STEM cell (i.e. the ringleaders) but it also makes them ”more numerous and more virulent”. For this reason Dr. Wicha and Corrective Cancer Caredoctors around the world understand his words to be an important warning “chemotherapy and radiation therapy make your cancer worse”.  To better understand the significance of addressing cancer STEM cells and not cancer TUMOR cells, watch this video.

Who else understand how dangerous conventional cancer treatments are and that the new target is the more lethal cancer STEM cells? The answer is  “Top cancer researchers” – now that funding is going towards the development of drugs targeting cancer STEM cells. For example, in the December 2014 edition of premier scientific journal Nature the investigators noted that chemotherapy makes things worse:  “Cytotoxic chemotherapy is effective in debulking tumour masses initially; however, in some patients tumours become progressively unresponsive after multiple treatment cycles.”  They explain the problem being caused by the recruitment of lethal cancer STEM cells  “Previous studies have demonstrated that cancer stem cells (CSCs) are selectively enriched after chemotherapy through enhanced survival.”   Their solution is to use off-label a patented anti-inflammatory drug (the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX2) inhibitor celecoxib) block the recruitment of cancer STEM cells thereby overcoming chemoresistance and more successfully fighting cancer.

Doctors who offer Corrective Cancer Care do not endorse drugs whose potential detrimental side-effects exceed their potential benefits. Celebrex, like its sister Vioxx which was pulled from the market after its manufacturer Merck paid almost $5 Billion to settle wrongful death lawsuits,  is a drug which Corrective Cancer Care doctors would not recommend.  But there are “centisble” options (“centisble” means safe, effective and cost-effective) such as crushed whole anti-inflammatory seeds. Start by eating an anti-inflammatory diet. When the stakes are higher, eat the seeds! We know that organic, non-GMO seeds offer 20x more nutrients that the fruit and that the husk of the seed (always discarded when companies sell bottled  extracted seed oils) is the most nutrient dense part of the seed.  Watch this video and eat the whole seed – ground up husk and all!

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