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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Ten years ago a scientist who studied cell phones and their effect on biological systems told me something that shocked me and was unforgettable. I will share this now with you as I have with my children and loved ones. He looked me in the eye and said:  “Dr. Weeks, knowing what I know about how dangerous there cell phones are, I would rather give my child a running chainsaw to play with then a cell phone.”   Scientists have told us (this of us who would listen) that it take 10 years for daily cell phone usage before the brain cancer develops. Ten years. I can tell you now that the tsunami if brain cancer incidence is just now becoming evident. The doubters (often paid by industry) persist  but look around. Here is a 36 year old young mother with brain cancer, here is a 26 year old athlete with brain cancer, here and a 33 year old young lady with brain cancer and here is a 1 month old neonate with brain cancer (whose mother watched movies from her mobile device resting on her belly (uterus!) for her entire pregnancy.

You were warned – albeit quietly.  The user’s manual of your mobile device told you!

See Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy from iPhone

iPhone transmits and receives radio frequency (RF) energy through its antennas. The iPhone cellular antenna is located at the bottom edge of iPhone, to the left of the Home button. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® antenna is located at the top edge of iPhone, to the right of the headset jack…….  When carrying iPhone, keep it 1.5 cm (5/8 inch) or more away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the maximum levels. Avoid cases with metal parts. SOURCE

Even Steven Colbert told you !

Now Dr. Oz told you too!  Yesterday on the Today Show we had a breakthrough regarding admission that cell phone and other devices are dangerous.   I invite you to watch this all the way to the end. The FCC has changed their usual statement ” they are tested and deemed safe” to (you have to watch it to see it for yourself!!). Now the CTIA cannot say the FCC says they are safe. 

Unfortunately the truth is that the FCC has been gathering input since 2003 about the growing evidence of health risks from exposure to cell phone radiation and the inadequacy of our government’s regulatory standards and testing procedures but fails to take action on this information. These data go into a “dark hole” according to a staffer at the U.S. General Accountability Office who has studied consumer product safety.
We do not expect abstinence (in children yes) but PLEASE heed these warnings.
If you must give a child a phone or ipad please put it in airplane mode. 
And get all wireless transmitting devices out of their (and your) bedrooms at night. 
Turn off your wifi router at night and opt out of the smart meters. 
They all emit non -ionizing radiation (the report spelled it wrong) which is a WHO classified possible human carcinogen. Just because you cannot see does not mean it is not there. It is in the same category as DDT- would you spray that all over you and your children all day long? Doubtful.
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