Feds stop ban on medical pot

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The story of how marijuana become demonized is worth understanding.  Did you get the news?   Medical marijuana is no longer banned at the federal level. The near 2,000-page federal spending bill that was passed the other day included a provision that lifts the medical marijuana ban. The war on medical marijuana is now nearly over.
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Representative Sam Farr also weighed in on the historic move by Congress.

“The federal government will finally respect the decisions made by the majority of states that passed medical marijuana laws. This is a great day for common sense because now our federal dollars will be spent more wisely on prosecuting criminals and not sick patients.”

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2645930/federal-ban-lifted-on-medical-marijuana-provision-lifting-the-ban-quietly-placed-in-the-recent-spending-bill/#IlwTczBkKz3vFOor.99

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