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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  This is great news. The revolution in cancer care is happening. Funding is now being directed to the really lethal cancer cell – the cancer STEM cell and treatment will shift away from targeting the cancer TUMOR cells  – which is what chemotherapy and radiation therapy challenge…


Targeting Cancer Stem Cell in Cancer Treatment

Call for Papers

Tumors are composed of heterogeneous populations of cells. The concept that cancer might evolve from a small population of cells with stem cells properties was proposed about 150 years ago. Since the first identification of a cancer stem cell- (CSC-) like population in leukemia ten years ago, CSCs have been found in several types of cancer. Several CSC markers have been detected. With high tumorigenic potential, CSCs are thought to play a vital role in tumor development.

One of the main challenges in cancer therapy is overcoming chemoresistance and recurrence after initial treatment, which are major causes of the high mortality of cancer patients. Some CSCs appear to be more resistant to radiation or chemotherapy than other cells of the tumor. Thus, cure of cancer may require elimination of the minority cancer stem cell population of the tumor as well as the non-CSC majority of cancer cells. The recently reported involvement of CSCs in tumor chemoresistance and recurrence has generated much interest in elucidating the underlying molecular mechanisms. Some novel therapeutic strategies and compounds that selectively target CSCs have been identified and evaluated in cancer treatment. Interestingly, it has been reported that the CSCs in cancer patient can be obtained using the adult stem cell cloning technologies. This will be of benefit for future personalized treatment of cancer. In all, better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of CSCs should improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

We invite investigators to contribute original research articles and review articles that seek to address the mechanisms and significance of CSC in cancer development and treatment.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The origin of CSCs and their relationship to normal tissue stem cells
  • The signaling pathways or genes participating in the regulation of CSC
  • Exploring new targets for the regulation of CSC in cancer development
  • The mechanisms of CSC in chemoresistance and recurrence of cancer
  • Targeting CSCs study using preclinical or clinical drugs in cancer treatment

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