Where do YOU carry your cell phone?

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: I have taught my patients that convenience is usually paid for eventually and cell phones, while highly convenient, come with a great price…    cancer.   Did you know that the cell phone is programed to always seek which cell tower is optimal so it is programed to transmit a HUGELY intense signal periodically to determine whether the current cell tower is the optimal tower…   IF you have the cell phone CLOSER to you than 5/8th of an inch (the distance the manufacturer warned you in writing to maintain from your phone) then you are enhancing your risk of developing cancer.  


Who do you know who keeps her cell phone in her bra?  








Who do you know who keeps her cell phone in her pants?

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Read and watch below!  Powerful video….

Video of woman with no genetic predisposition to breast cancer contracts a very rare form of breast cancer after carrying her cell phone in her bra.

The tumors were in the same location where her phone contacted her breast.


Here’s more info. on the subject of breast cancer and cell phones.




For more info on cell phone and cancer search this term  “cell phone”  at www.weeksmd.com



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