Smart Meters – the back story

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Electrical pollution takes many serious and lethal forms – here we focus on the “smart meters” put on your home without your permission.

How serious is electrical pollution?

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Chapter 1: SMART METERS on you house

Do you have a smart meter?

How do smart meters effect health?

What a smart meter does to the heart of a chiropractor

The Dark Side of Smart Meters

Why did the DOD and Homeland Security fund installation of Smart Meters.

“One-hundred private companies, utilities, manufacturers, cities and other partners received awards today, including FPL which will use its $200 million in funding to install 2.6 million smart meters and other technology that will cut energy costs for its customers.”     NOTE: smart meters do NOT cut energy costs for consumers… they make the collecting of electrical usage more efficient for the power company. They same money. You do not.



What solutions are available?  See

How to block a smart meter

and how to block inside the house

DIY Aluminum mesh to block smart meter radiation

For more information on electrical pollution, see and search “electrical pollution”. You will find hundreds of articles.






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