Cancer is NOT caused by bad Genes

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: If you are driving down the high way and come to a motor vehicle accident and see 5 ambulances, you would not blame the ambulances for causing the accident. So why do you fall for the scam that bad genes cause cancer? Scientists agree that more than 95% of all cancer is cause not by bad genes but by epigenetic factors (the environment around the genes). Yet over 90% of all cancer research is spent on cancer genes. Why? Well, quite simply…. That is the most profitable investment. Cleaning up the environment is less profitable and quite a hassle. Teaching people that cleaning up their diet? That is also not a profitable venture. But patenting genetic innovations, well that pays.

What about your genes?
Well, do get them checked. 23 and me was doing a great public service until the AMA and the FDA shut them down.

Fast Screen Identifies Women at Risk for Hereditary Cancers
Ingrid Hein
May 03, 2016

Breast Cancer Screening
Testing for genes known to cause 5% to 10% of all cancers can cost thousands of dollars, but a simple six-item family history questionnaire can help identify women who should be tested, new research shows.

Hereditary risks are “not always obvious,” said Alice Kerber, MN, APRN, from the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education in Atlanta.

“For example, if grandma was diagnosed with cancer at 19 and she’s still alive, it was probably cervical, not ovarian, cancer,” she told Medscape Medical News. Ovarian cancer sets off alarm bells in the B-RST risk-assessment questionnaire, she explained.

Kerber was involved in the Community Hereditary Data Collection Project, initiated by the Georgia Breast Cancer Genomic Health Consortium and the Georgia Department of Health to improve access to cancer care and genetic counseling for underserved, underinsured, and uninsured individuals.

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