moms across america billboard

Moms Across America, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about potential and known toxins, has launched a billboard campaign aligning the organic cause with Independence Day. The red, white, and blue billboards read, “Organic Food: FREEDOM from GMOs and Toxins.”

The billboard campaign, which features a black mother and child, specifically targets certain underprivileged factions of the population, according to Zen Honeycutt, the founder and director of Moms Across America.

“Unfortunately access to organic food is a socio-economic injustice issue,” she said. “In many lower income urban areas where the population tends to be primarily African American and Hispanic, organic food is almost nowhere to be found.”

Organic food is perceived as being far more expensive than conventional, but this is not always the case. According to a 2015 Consumer Report price study, while organic food was, on average, 47 percent more expensive than conventional, the range was enormous, and in some instances, organics were as or even less expensive than conventional. Honeycutt interviewed a support coach for lower income teen moms from the Healthy Babies Project in Washington DC, who explained that through education, she was able to show moms how to afford organic foods and those free from genetically modified ingredients.

This campaign aligns the ideal of freedom with the faction of American citizens who have been demanding a freedom to knowledge and a freedom to choose what goes into their foods and bodies, as proven by recent demands for GMO labeling and the passing of GMO labeling laws in certain states.

“America prides itself on freedom,” Honeycutt said. “Are we all truly free if we cannot access food without GMOs and toxic chemicals? Don’t we have the right to expect that our food is safe? Don’t all American have the right to happiness and health?”

The billboard series is made up of 99 billboards and 55 posters, posted across 12 states, predominantly in the South and Midwest, by Adams + Fairway Outdoor advertising. The billboards will run until July 20 for a total of 30 days.


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