World’s Healthiest Coffee


Dr. Week’s Comment: Coffee is a healthy drink – until we add candy (cream, sugar, Italian soda etc.) Why do people add cream and sugar? In part because coffee is acidic and bitter. So would you like to taste the revolution in coffee? FUSED is a new coffee experience wherein the organic coffee bean is roasted then infused with organic seed oils and then micronized (ground really really finely so that all the coffee is dissolved in water and you drink the entire coffee bean – no grinds wasted!). Fused is not bitter or acidic and when the adrenal supporting ganoderma is added, people who are sensitive to caffeine experience a sustained comfortable energy boost with no crash. Drink Fused right before bed and sleep like a baby!

Order Fused at HERE and optimize your coffee experience.
Here are some details:

and here is the magnitude of the “ready to drink” coffee market: $1.4 billion in 2015.

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