Here is a great exercise for today, the 4th of July – a day won by bravery.

Step #1  Call to your mind’s eye a memory and an image of your child – celebrate her or his health and creativity.

Step #2   Watch this short trailer of VAXXED, a movie I watched a couple of weeks ago.                     

(note that MIT senior researcher Stephanie Seneff predicts that, if unchecked, the incidence of autism in 2032 will be 1 in 2 with 8 out of 10 boys being autistic.)

Step #3  then listen to Sara Berilles’ great song  Brave  (paying attention to the inspirational lyrics) 
Step #4  then watch and listen to Del Bigtree’s great speech  Be Brave
Step #5   then spread the word to people YOU think are willing to Be Brave.
Step #6  Ask your congresswoman or man to encourage Congressman Jason Chavetz to subpeona Dr. William Thompson the CDC whistle blower who, if asked, will testify that the CDC has been falsifying the data and publishing fraudulent articles which intentionally understates the risk of life-destroying autism on behest of Big Pharma.  Ask why Dr. Thompson’s boss, Julie Gerberding would not respond to Thompson’s going up the chain of command with his concern of fraud and then she would take a “reward” job with vaccine manufacturer  Merck as president of Merck’s vaccine division….   and wonder whether, once fraud is proven when Dr. Thompson is finally invited by Jason Chavetz to testify to congress, whether she will have to give up her career and…….  go directly to jail.

” ….  Damning evidence, revealed in court documents from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, show that Merck was engaged in years of vaccine fraud. The pharmaceutical giant Merck lied to the FDA, used the CDC and committed vaccine crimes against the American public, falsifying their mumps vaccine efficacy rate using rabbit antibodies. In 2006, Dr. Julie Gerberding was the head of the CDC. During her time there, she oversaw a serious mumps vaccine cover-ups, documented in the antitrust lawsuit, Stephen A Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski vs. Merck & Co. In January 2010, former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding took a high career position as the president of Merck’s Vaccine Division. The conflict of interest was apparent. Gerberding sold Merck’s fraudulent mumps vaccine for years, and for her deceit, she joined Merck at the helm of their Vaccine Division in 2010. As the court documents reveal, this was no conspiracy theory, but was instead the result of a culture of corruption only to move vaccines for profit….”


Learn more:

Happy Independence Day.
Be Brave!
For further info:
Bobby de Niro, whose son is autistic, gave this interview to TODAY show with Jane – the co-founder of Tribeca Film festival.  Watch how upset he is.
Bobby de Niro interview after the big interview (he is pissed)
Learn to read between the lines.  Who owns the media?
The CEO of Merck KGaA, who sits on the board of Verizon, which in turns owns the Huffington Post, would be disturbed by a possible MMR vaccine scandal.

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