Ketamine for Depression

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: This is not news. (circa: 2010 here and here)  But most people don’t know about it and the suicides continue.  In the land of the free and the home of the brave, this should be available for knowledgable doctors to prescribe to freely consenting and fully informed patients.


Ketamine for Treatment-resistant Depression: Recent Developments and Clinical Applications

Jaclyn Schwartz; James W Murrough; Dan V Iosifescu

Evid Based Ment Health. 2016;19(2):35-38.

“...In conclusion, a critical number of studies support the efficacy of ketamine as a rapidly acting treatment for patients with TRD, while some studies also suggest efficacy in bipolar depression, PTSD and in those with acute SI. At this point, clinicians and patients should be aware of the limited information available regarding optimal dosing and long-term effects of ketamine treatment. We remain, however, cautiously optimistic and believe that ketamine has the potential to become a very important tool in the clinical treatment of severe mood and anxiety disorders…”

For the entire article, read here


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