Dishonor among Thieves

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Mr. Frank D. Millet (aka “FDM”) taught me Latin in middle school and I thank him almost every day for his valiant efforts.  Thanks to him I often remark to people in business or strategy session:

Duc, Sequere at ex via discede Vale, lacerate

But my favorite Latin phrase is quite famous  “Quis custodiet ipso custodes”


Who then shall guard the guards?

As regards medical care, we doctors tend to trust the peer-reviewed scientific literature but Caveat Lectoror) (reader beware!) and Cave oculum videntem omnia also.

Read below and note how UNTRUSTWORTHY are many peer-reviewed journals have been bought and sold.

So, in the absence of reliable peer-reviewed literature,  we are left with this certainty.  Given  Cogito ergo sum   we can add “Cogito ergo sum Doctor medicinae”   After all, a medical doctor needs to not just know and retain what she or he is taught, but also be able to THINK.


Re: WHO and SAGE 

FAKE news:– Isn’t it ironic & sad that SAGE claims to be THE ( watchdog) source for exposing fake news when they themselves are a major culprit.  See the first 2 links below:

( They remind me of SNOPES ).. another poor source of info.

1. SAGE journals bring total fake peer review count to 250

2. The SAGE Handbook of Media Processes and Effects

( See table of Contents — and whole book)

3. ——But I’m glad the article on FAKE news by NCBI / PUB MED Central called “When drug news is no news” that I used in my Vaccine Note 13 below is NOT a SAGE reference:) 


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