Wnt and Cancer STEM cells

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: Wnt signaling stimulates cancer STEM cells and finally, the gold rush is on to create new drugs to finally attack the important cancer cell. Readers know that the cancer STEM cell is the real target if you want to survive and thrive after a cancer diagnosis.  Reminder:  the relatively harmless cancer TUMOR cell, which all oncologists currently target using the standard of care – cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation therapy – is NOT the important target. (Watch this video if this point confuses you).  Now, in Japan, scientists are creating a new drug to block Wnt signaling.  The problem is, Wnt signaling is driven by …..inflammation, so why develop a new drug when you can use…. aspirin?  Yes: aspirin blocks Wnt and that, in part, is why aspirin helps people with colon cancer.  But too much aspirin can kill you as we learned from re-inspecting those killed in the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic.  We recommend whole crushed organic non-GMO anti-inflammatory seeds. Nature provides the cure. Man creates profitable patented near-miss knocks offs which we call pharmaceutical drugs.  These are never miracle works. The side-effects are always problematic since all drugs work by poisoning enzyme systems. But there is good news! You do have a miracle worker on your side! It is your own individual human body designed with a huge momentum towards health maintenance and restoration. Your only job is to nourish it optimally and use it for meaningful life work.  Light ahead!


Discovery of a novel Wnt inhibitor with potential to eradicate colorectal cancer stem cells, report researchers

August 26, 2016

Source: RIKEN
A team of researchers has announced the development of a novel small-molecule Wnt inhibitor named NCB-0846. Wnt signaling is a key pathway of cancer stem cell development. The inhibitor may provide a new therapy option for patients with drug-refractory colorectal cancer.  What is this new compound which targets cancer STEM cells?   google “NCB-0846” – the beginning of a new drug for colon cancer.
Today, there is increasing recognition that cancer is driven by special cells””cancer stem cells””that resist treatment and go on to cause recurrences that are then resistant to the original therapy. In line with this idea, they are trying to develop drugs and other therapies that can target the cancer stem cells, leading hopefully to the complete eradication of the tumor.

In research reported in Nature Communications, a research team led by the National Cancer Center (NCC) and including scientists from the RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST), and Carna Biosciences, Inc. has developed a new compound, NCB-0846, which blocks WNT signaling””a key pathway in the proliferation of colorectal cancer stem cells.

According to CLST researcher Mikako Shirouzu, who participated in the team, “We hope that this new compound may give hope to patients with drug-refractory colorectal cancer, as there is of yet no Wnt-inhibiting drug in clinical practice. Colorectal cancer causes approximately 700,000 deaths every year around the globe, so new therapies are desperately needed.”

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