Anthrax vaccine – more history from the military

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: An update from my colleagues who, together with Washington Integrative Medical Association, are standing up for patient rights to be fully informed and to freely consent to or refuse vaccinations. 


Please watch Josh Coleman’s latest video from the road with the *Vaxxed *team.

Executive Summary:

It has recently been shown that *glyphosate weedkiller has been detected in
vaccines and further testing has been requested. *
*GMO chemical farming is contaminating almost everything!*
Why is this such big news in addition to the fact that herbicides are
poison and should not be in vaccines?
*Glyphosate collects in the tendons and bone marrow of animals *and
those *animal parts ( mentioned in this video)* are used as ingredients in vaccines.
G*lyphosate can break down the blood brain barrier and allow other toxins
into the brain*, causing damage the other toxins might not normally be able
to do. Consider that mercury was in vaccines since 1929- it was not until
the late 1990’s when GMOs and glyphosate based herbicides were put ON our
food that vaccine damage spiked.
The *MMR vaccine was detected to have 25-34 X higher t*he amount of
glyphosate than the other childhood vaccines. This is the vaccine that has
been most linked to vaccine damage.
*The co-formulants in glyphosate based herbicides are also likely present
and they have been shown to make the herbicide 1000X more toxic.* Of course
they have been untested by the FDA for injection into the muscle tissue of
humans and infants….
*Glyphosate is a neurotoxin, causes liver and kidney damage and destroys
gut bacteria which is where 70% of the immune system lies*…the soldiers
in this video get an auto immune disease.


Have some Kleenex at the ready.  If the last minute of this interview does not cause you to bawl, please check that you still have a pulse!


From Laura Hayes: My heartfelt thanks to this brave woman for speaking out…against the military, no less.


It is not just soldiers and military personnel who receive no informed consent prior to vaccination…that is the NORM for all vaccine recipients.  As I wrote in my most recent article, Vaccines: Elimination Mandatory!, informed consent is not even possible as the studies needed to provide accurate vaccine information have NEVER been done.


Vaccines: Elimination Mandatory!



Thank you, Josh Coleman and Polly Tommey, for another powerful video from your nationwide Vaxxed tour!  These videos are powerful!


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