Courage and Vaccination

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Praises to this woman – she understands the first rule of medicine “First Do No Harm”


Nursing Student Dismissed for Refusal to Lie about Vaccines Wins Early Court Victory

Back in 2013, nursing student Nichole Rolfe, claims she was asked by her Baker college instructors to threaten patients who opted to not vaccinate. The threats included ”˜giving them false information’ and even ”˜withholding state medical assistance’ to those who questioned whether or not they’d vaccinated. Last week, a judge declined Baker college’s request to dismiss the suit and prevents any severe alterations to the suit. According to, Michigan patients most certainly do have the right to choose (and without intimidation).


Flint, MI – The Genesee County Circuit Court has denied the request of Baker College to dismiss or otherwise highly restrict the lawsuit brought by a former nursing student who claims she was wrongly dismissed from the nursing program at Baker’s Owosso campus due to discussions involving vaccines.

Nichole Rolfe is suing Baker College after she was dismissed from the school’s nursing program because she questioned when Baker College instructed students to misrepresent and lie to patients in order to get them vaccinated.

The case stems from two separate classes held in 2013 by two different instructors who, within days of each other, instructed students who were in the midst of clincials with real patients to threaten and panic patients into accepting immunizations. Threats included the withholding of state medical assistance payments, denial of access to newborns, and the giving of false information.

Under Michigan law, patients have the right to choose””and reject””any and all medical treatments offered by hospitals.

Baker College denied during depositions that they gave these instructions. However, other nursing students have supported Rolfe’s claims while under oath. The nursing student department dismissed Rolfe during a meeting which had been scheduled before Rolfe’s classes were set to begin for the day. Baker College is claiming that Rolfe was dismissed due to her “oppositional” and “aggressive” way of asking the questions. Some of the issues come down to Rolfe’s audio recordings over the accusations, something which Baker College feels strong should be dismissed as they claim audio recordings are against their privacy code. Judge Joseph Farah declined Baker college which means a Genesee County jury will hear this case in the coming months.

“The Circuit Court’s decision permits jurors to actually hear what Baker College actually did and what their instructors are teaching future Michigan nurses, the very nurses who will be caring for patients in their weakest physical condition,” states Philip L. Ellison, attorney for Rolfe. “Nurses need to obey the patient’s directives, not threaten or lie”.

The subjugation of nursing students is a popular trend these days with so many nurses questioning the legitimacy of not only vaccines, but the pharmaceutical industry in general. Nurses speaking out against vaccines certainly isn’t new, take the case of a recent nurse claiming the flu shot gave her severe arm pain.

Rolfe’s case is just one of the ones we hear about. Medical schools all over the country are trying to bury information on vaccines and other pharmaceuticals to give rise to a more subjugated healthcare future. The medical industry doesn’t want pariahs and will do whatever it takes to shut them down. There is simply too much money on the line when it comes to vaccines.

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