Brother Nat’s letter to Ben Carson

This is an excerpt from my brother Nat’s letter today to Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and medical pioneer.
Dear Dr. Ben,
What a wonderful, miraculous victory at the polls!  Yet, I’m reluctant to peal off my Dr. Ben Carson for President bumper sticker.  However, Trump will do if he’ll call on you!  Expecting that you’ll play a role in improving upon Obama Care, I’ve several requests:…
We need you to please break the unfair and dishonest monopoly of Big Pharma and the AMA conspiracy.  Please bring back freedom of (commercial) speech.  
In 1953, a U.S. Senate investigation reported that a conspiracy existed to suppress effective cancer treatments:  “For many years, the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society Court coordinated their ”˜hit’ lists of innovative cancer researchers who were to be ostracized.”  Susan Getzendanner in 1987, a Federal District Court judge in Illinois, found the AMA guilty of conspiracy.  And it has gotten worse since then.  You recall the attempt to sue Mannatech out of existence.
Toxic drugs and medications don’t heal or cure.  They only mask the symptoms.  As you know, the body, fearfully and wonderfully made, heals itself ~ if given the proper nutrition and the glycans necessary for a clearly communicating ”˜operating system’.  But this knowledge is suppressed.  Consequently, the WHO lists the USA as #1 in trauma/emergency room care, but #72 in successfully dealing with diseases.  That’s because, in the USA, there is no such thing as a natural cure.  By law, only drugs can cure and, by legal definition, drugs can only be synthetic.  The requirements of ”˜Standard of Care’ eliminates the real solutions.  It’s nuts:  “If you do the Standard of Care and you give chemo and people die, it’s okay.  If you don’t do the Standard of Care and people live, that’s not okay.” – Dr. Rashid Buttar.
In 1953, a Senator asked Fitzgerald (an investigator for the Interstate Commerce Commission) to determine why it had been so hard to get the natural products which cured his grandson of cancer.  The Fitzgerald Report (published as an appendix to the Congressional Record) states, ”˜My investigation to date should convince this committee that a conspiracy does exist… to stop the free flow and use of (substances) which allegedly have solid therapeutic value.  Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals, and scientific research laboratories, which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations… there was an active conspiracy to suppress natural cancer treatments in the United States.’  My brother, Dr. Bradford Weeks, after thirty years of practice lost his medical license.  He had introduced us to Mannatech.  It saved our lives!  Too many grateful patients recovering due to ”˜unconventional’ methods.  His peers complained; none of his patients did.  This is the oppression we elected Trump to defang.
When Nixon declared the War on Cancer, it was the #8 killer.  Today one out of two men deal with cancer!  This ought not be and without a sincere effort to reward prevention, the escalation in health-care costs will break the bank!  Reward insurance companies for supporting anything with real science behind it that is likely to work.
Congress in 1993 unanimously passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, but the FDA has completely ignored that law as written.  It is still on the books and can be revived.  So, permit us to educate the public without going to prison.  Jason Vale was incarcerated in prison for five year, not for rape or assault, but for selling apricot seeds!  The evidence was too strong that the laetrile in the seeds destroyed cancer.
Microbiologist Dr. Rife built a machine which would put out the right frequencies to shatter microbes within all cancer cells resulting in the destruction of the bad cells.  In a panic, Morris Fishbein, President of the AMA, demanded ownership of that machine.  Rife didn’t trust him and wouldn’t sell.  So, FDA agents used sledgehammers to destroy his equipment in Dr. Ruth Drown’s office, burned his lab, burned his books in a NJ bonfire, destroyed his inventory, and ruined his reputation by spreading lies.
Harry Hoxsey fled from Dallas where he had been arrested several times, to Tijuana, MX where he had the freedom to save cancer patients at his new Biomedical Center using his Toxsey tonic.  It’s an inexpensive, one day treatment; the rest patients complete at home.  Fishbein wanted to buy his formula (which selectively targets only cancer cells) to keep it off the market so Harry wouldn’t sell it to him.
Max Gerson’s Dying To Have Known (on YouTube) documents his evidence-based medical successes treating hopeless patients.  And the lists go on and on.  In addition, when did our children become wards of the state?  
Too many parents report, “They came with their lawyers and said, ”˜If you don’t sign consent, we’re going to take custody of the child.  You’re going to lose custody of your daughter.’  The judge says, ”˜You’re not an expert, he is.’  The oncologist, he’s the expert…custody was given to Illinois…they started aggressive chemotherapy…her arm deteriorated and opened up further with every dose.  The wound was getting worse.  I had no way of even getting a second opinion at that point nor could I appeal to her physicians because I was no longer her legal custodian!  MRSA set in and the arm was amputated and six months later we still didn’t have custody of our daughter.  We had the best health insurance.  That was a huge mistake.  It meant they could afford to poison her with every drug out there!  And I’m expected to cover the part of the $2.2 million not covered by insurance!!  – Jay Matthews
Todd Jones reported, ‘…it was the Office of Children’s Services…”˜Look, the hospital called.  You have taken your child out of treatment and you need to bring your child right back to treatment.’…’Well, we’re finished with treatment.  We’re just going to continue on with another treatment.’  I’m the parent.  I even looked up the Alaska statues.  Parents have a legal right to decide how their children get treated.  Doesn’t matter what the statues say…the administrative truth…is that the child is a ward of the state.  How is this any different than Nazi Germany when people were experimented on?!”  All this is an absolute violation of the AMA’s own Code of Medical Ethics which says that the patient must be given the choice (”˜informed consent).’
In all your reading, have you discovered that IG Auschwitz was a 100% subsidiary of Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF?  Using slave labor, these extermination camps supplied 100% of the synthetic gasoline, rubber, and explosives needed by Hitler’s Nazi.  The US prosecutor said, ”˜Without IG Farben, World War II would not have been possible…they were responsible for the death of 60 million people…”  Tribunal #6 during the Nuremberg trials was against Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst (the IG Farben cartel).  Fritz ver Meer…guilty of slavery and mass murder in Auschwitz…served only seven years in prison…was brought to the USA during Operation Paper Clip and became the chairman of the board at Bayer in 1956.  Carl Krauch, executive member of IG Farben…head of military economics for Hitler was found guilty of mass murder…served just six years in prison and then he became the chairman of the board for BASF.  Then, in 1963, the German government, under pressure of Bayer, launched the Codex Alimentarius Commission to make sure that vitamins and the benefits of vitamins for human health be eliminated worldwide.  The Codex Alimentarius Commission was launched specifically to limit access to the benefits of nutritional supplements worldwide.
As is obvious, one of the main reasons the people rose up and elected Trump was to get our freedoms back.  This loss was anticipated back at the beginning:  “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and denied equal privileges to others. The Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.” –  Benjamin Rush (Signer of the US Constitution in 1787).  You can be the Ben, who remedies this situation.  It will go a long way toward the re-election of Donald Trump because more voters (covering the entire spectrum from liberal socialists to conservatives) take more natural products than drugs and medication combined.  They will be very grateful.
“When people allow a government to dictate the foods they put in their mouth and the medicines they take into their bodies, their souls will soon be in the same sorry state as those who are ruled by tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson. 

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