Mandatory Birth Control in California!

Earlier this week, Sacramento lawmakers introduced a bill to combat the rising tide of teen pregnancies in California high schools.  The proposed bill would require mandatory contraceptive vaccination – with the Pregnor® birth control vaccine.  The proposed bill would apply to all schoolgirls age 15 – 18.
The advantage of the Pregnor® vaccine, according to the manufacturer, is that teen girls can receive one dose at the beginning of the school year which provides contraceptive coverage that lasts up to 12 months.  Novartis, the manufacturer, indicates: “The Pregnor® vaccine significantly diminishes fertility in clinical trials.  It is both safe and effective.”
The bill’s author, Sen. Richard Pan, states: “High school girls will be relieved of the worry of having to remember to take the pill every day.”  Planned Parenthood praises the bill for advancing reproductive choice.  Raegan McDonald-Mosley, Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood, states: “If we have 95% Pregnor® vaccination rates in California high schools, then we achieve herd contraception – which protects all the girls.”
Proponents of the “herd contraception” theory argue that if 95% percent of a given female population receives the contraceptive vaccine, then the remaining 5% – who cannot be vaccinated – will also be protected from unwanted pregnancies.
Margaret Bundy, a Sherman Oaks mother, praised the mandatory vaccination bill: “My daughter is a high school dropout – pregnant at 16 – but it’s not her fault!  I blame the other girls – if they got their shots, then my little girl would have been protected by herd contraception, and she’d be in school today!”
Dr. Joe Mengele, a Woodman Hills pediatrician stated:  “It’s the un-vaccinated girls who put all the other girls at risk.”
But according to renowned civil rights attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.: “There’s no such thing as herd contraception – because groups don’t get pregnant – individuals do.  Same goes for infectious disease – there’s no such thing as herd immunity – because groups don’t get the measles – individuals do.”
Phillips warns: “Don’t be fooled by Orwellian notions of group immunity or group contraception.  Things like contraception from pregnancy, or immunity from disease, happen on an individualized basis, regardless of the group.  It goes without saying – the group has no collective reproductive system, and no collective immune system, and therefore, any theory that advances collective contraception, or collective immunity, is too foolish to be taken seriously.  Free-thinkers know better.”
~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

[By now, you realize this piece is satire!!  It was written by our lawyer, T. Matthew Phillips, who cleverly uses humor to totally crush the herd immunity theory!!  Our lawyer exposes their flimsy scientific logic!!   He is brilliant!! And he’s on our team!!  We are fighting to restore the right to opt-out of mandatory vaccination.  We are eight parents fighting for medical custody of our children.  Our lawsuit is now headed for the appellate courts.  We are committed to striking down SB277.  Please join us in the fight.  Please fight against mandatory ANY DRUG  – especially mandatory vaccination.  

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