Forced Vaccinations are Unconstitutional

Dr. Weeks Comment: Of course forced vaccinations are unconstitutional – and not just in Sweden. Also in California. Wake up Californians.



Swedish Constitution overrules on Forced Vaccines

Well, it looks like Sweden, which was the first country to ever ban Thimerosal from all vaccines in 1991, did it again, by agreeing it is unconstitutional to force vaccine mandates. I wonder what California (SB-277), New York (mandates over school), TX, OK, PA (proposed new bills), and Minnesota (“Standing Orders”) fascists think about this? Or Big Pharma money machine?

If Swedish children take less vaccines, get healthier, what does that mean for countries like US and UK with skyrocketing rates of autism? Surely, Norway and Denmark will follow their close Scandinavian neighbor, as Denmark banning Thimerosal in 1992.

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