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Cindy and Erica’s Obsession to Solve Today’s Healthcare Crisis: Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease ALS and More    by Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D  2017

I loved this book and especially this  “happy ending”  from Chapter 43 Fast Forward to the Future – 2032   page 263-4

“Several other research teams have picked up on the idea of processing online drug reviews, and these ideas have even made it into the commercial sector by this time. As a consequence, individuals have become empowered to self diagnose and self treat; they could make an informed decision to stop taking any prescription drugs because their side effects most probably exceeded they’re presumed benefits. Medical doctors became quite frustrated at first, as their patients often knew more about their diseases and treatments than the doctor knew, due to the readily available information on the web. Worse than this, it soon became apparent that many drugs were of little value to most people who were taking them, and the world population entered into a phase of active revolts against the pharmaceutical industry. The stocks of all the major pharmaceutical companies took a pummeling, being hit much harder than other industries during the world wide depression that took place in the 1920s.

 Throughout the 2010’s, life expectancy had shown a steady decline in the US, and we slipped to number 89 in the world rankings before finally turning it around. In 2020, even the small African country of Zambia had a higher life expectancy than the US. This resulted in a health crisis that paralleled the financial crisis, and was deeply intertwined with it. Autism in children, Alzheimer’s in the elderly, depression and heart disease in the middle-aged, were all on the rise in alarming numbers. Infertility had become an epidemic and birthrates for way down. It was becoming popular among young women (even those who were still fertile) to declare that they did not plan to have any children because the risks to serious health issues were too great. People began to develop a deep mistrust of the entire medical system, as they saw that the huge amounts of money they were spending on medicine were not translating into good results. The pharmaceutical industry became universally distrusted, and was now scrambling to brainstorm on how to redefine its message and its goals.”

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BIO:    Dr. Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT and has predicted in the movie Vaxxed  that, should nothing change in the vaccine policies and the agriculture polices (regarding glyphosate) that by 2032  one in two children in American will have autism.  Her writing are brilliant and available on her website.


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