Tattoos – not worth it.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Tattoos can be stunning and are undeniably art but at what cost? The master musician David Wilcox sings praises of the commitment one makes “before the age of compromise” but the integrative medical doctor in me warns against this body art. Instead …   Go Wild – Go Henna!

Experts warn of link between tattoos and cancer

For the article on how nano-sized ink particles get to the blood, chick HERE


What to do?

In addition to removing the tattoos, detoxification is essential using unadulterated oils (skin is a fatty organ and only oil cleans oil)  such as CORE and SOUL but also heat to enhance drainage and remaining well hydrated with hydrogen rich water. Chelating the toxic heavy metals is essential also – both oral and IV may be needed. Consult with Alternative Health Advocates  for idea regarding specific protocols.


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