Cell phone toxins absorbed by YOU

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  My friend and colleague   Olle Johansson, associate professor The Experimental Dermatology Unit  Department of Neuroscience  Karolinska Institute 171 77 Stockholm  Sweden  sent me this.  He is losing his academic position due in part to his tenaciously clarifying and broadcasting the dangers of electrical pollution.


Dr Brad

Please, see this very important press release, new to some of you, but I guess many of you already know about it:


My personal comment to it: The most recent research, like the “Phonegate” data from France, investigating the real radiation levels at ordinary close contact between body and phone, do not indicate that current RF exposure levels are just a fraction of what national and international exposure guidelines permit, quite the opposite. They clearly show that the recorded exposure levels actually are 3 times higher than the allowed maximal ones, so the differences pointed out by me for many years may be even bigger. As you know, this revelation has created a huge scandal in France, with ramifications all the way up to their National Assembly and Senate, as well as up to the European Union. Similar figures are now starting to emerge from other countries and laboratories, pointing to the flawed FCC and ICNIRP guidelines (also having been a theme for my endless nagging for years). — As a matter of fact, such guidelines lack any form of biologically-based exposure standards or hygienic safety levels (the only such latter ever proposed by myself*). Instead the safety of these gadgets are determined using so-called technical recommendations based on acute heating of fluid-filled plastic dolls, and only allowing you to make one (!) single, 6-minute long, mobile phone call once in your life-time. Does that make you feel safe?

*It should be noted that only one hygienic safety value ever has been proposed: 0.0000000001-0.000000000000001 µW/cm2 – this is the natural background during normal cosmic activities; proposed by myself, already in 1997**, as a genuine hygienic safety value, and since then many times repeatedly presented. (Given the highly artificial nature of the current wireless communication signals, e.g. of their pulsations and modulations, it may actually boil down to 0 (zero) µW/cm2 as the true safe level.) And do not ever believe it is possible to play it “safer” by only somewhat reducing the exposure levels!

[**It was quite interesting when I presented it at a trade union meeting in Stockholm (in 1997) since one of my most fierce opponents – then working i.a. for Ericsson and Telia Mobile – cried out: “I usually never believe anything that Olle Johansson says, but this time he is dead right!“. He called me many years later and said “that I actually had been dead right on everything; something he had slowly begun to realize…” ;-))  ]


Approx. 25% of the radiation is used for communication, and 75% of all the radiation from a hand-held unit is abosorbed by the body (head, shoulders, arm, hand, trunk), but will also pass right through you. I did some very simple penetration studies: Friday, March 14, 2008, I allowed pairs of rather stubby women to press their voluptuous bodies tightly around a mobile phone to see if I could call the phone, i.e. if the microwaves would penetrate their bodies. The result was clear; from a functionality point of view it was as if the bodies were not present at all, the women were completely transparent. (If this meant that 100% or 1% of the radiation went all the way through, I do not know, but the phones rang as if nothing was hindering their communicative capacity.)

More and more people, all over the world, have over the years become concerned citizens who realise that modern electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields that are not native to our Earth. These non-native EMFs are completely foreign to human, animal and plant biology, and are potentially reaping havoc on the health and well-being of mankind and life in general on our planet.

It is now high time that my reflections also are made the concern of our politicians and civil servants who are there to serve us and protect us. The response in Sweden – as you all know – has been to fire me from my position at the Karolinska Institute due to “lack of need of my services” (=Sw. “arbetsbrist”). Is that really the best way to “serve and protect” mankind…?

With my very best regards

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