Electrical pollution 2017 — the science is damning

• An off-the-shelf meter for measuring body amperage: A new gold standard for epidemiologic studies?
• Google wants to run cities without being elected. Don’t let it 
• Village residents win battle against phone mast (Oct. 2017)
• Long Islanders Sue in Federal Court Over Cell Tower Health Concerns (CBS New York, Oct 19, 2017)
• Appeal denied in $1 million award to Vermont couple in communications tower dispute (2014)
• The Effects of Cell Phone Use and Emotion-regulation Style on College Students’ Learning
• Wall Street Journal : “How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds. » 
• Paul Heroux PhD Interviewed by Press Before Supreme Court Event 10/17/2017

• National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

• Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G

• 5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?

• What’s Wrong with Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Limits

• International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology

• Quotes from 21 Experts Regarding Electromagnetic Fields and Health

• Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

• New Apple Watch Reignites Concerns over Cell Phones

• 1976 classified memo: U.S. govt said 1-15 microW/cm2 a potential health hazard and unacceptable: FCC exposure limits are 1000 microW/cm2
• Electromagnetic fields and their adverse effects on our health
• Environmental hazard to wildlife from Smart Meters 
• Beware! Diseases You Never Knew Your Microwave Was Causing
• Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech free
• SOU cell tower puts neighbors on edge

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