Nutrients for Osteoporosis

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Did you used to be 2 or 3 inches taller? Osteoporosis comes on slowly but is no less dangerous because of its insidious nature. There are many lifestyle factors and nutrients which prevent your bones from dissolving away. One important causative factor which no one, to my knowledge, has yet described is what I call the “calcium tide”. What is the “calcium tide”?  It is the highly sophisticated, physiologic balancing act whereby calcium, which is stored in bone, is released so that it can enter the blood stream, flow to an inflamed tissue and, like water from a fireman’s hose, calcium – which IS AN ANTI-INFLAMATORY AGENT – is sprayed onto the inflamed tissue putting out the “fire of inflammation”.

Think about it:  what gets calcified?  Inflamed tendons, inflamed ligaments,  inflamed cardiac arteries,  Extravascular examples of your generous bone lending its calcium to rescue inflamed tissues include gingival plaque – a pathological calcification of inflamed gums: gingivitis and bone spurs- osteophytes – wherein the inflamed peri-osteo site is calcified to quench the fire of inflammation. Let’s up the ante and talk about cancer. Cancer is many things – auto-immune, parasitic, resourceful, mutant, aggressive (unless you believe Rudolf Steiner who says it is opportunistic in a cellular anti-social way) but cancer spreads by inflammation. In the case of early detection breast cancer, it is the anti-inflammatory calcium donated by the bones in an effort to quench the inflammation of cancer that is picked up by that mammogram. In contrast to the thermography which picks up heat from concentrated blood activity at the site of cancer or the PET scan which picks up radio labeled glucose (cancers favored fuel along with glutamine), the  mammogram identifies the breast cancer by finding calcium deposits with they shouldn’t be.

So how can you get the calcium out of these peripheral inflamed tissues and back into the bones where they belong? You need to reduce your localizes and systemic inflammation. Simple as that. Now, beware that most prescription and over the counter (OTC) anti-inflammatory agents like prednisone, Aspirin  Tylenol™, Celebrex™ are dangerous to the stomach, (too much aspirin causes lethal gastric bleeding) kidney (too much Advil™ strains the kidney,  the liver Tylenol™ causes lethal liver failure and the ears (In the 1980’s when I trained in medicine, doctors told patients: “Take aspirin until your ears ring, then cut back.”  All doctors agree that anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful but because of their narrow therapeutic window at high dosages taking be lethal. It is for that reason that I have over the past six years,  recommended Seeds of Eden™ the safest and most effective food form anti-inflammatory drink made from whole crushed organic non-GMO seeds including the black cumin seed,  the black raspberry seed and the Chardonnay grape seed. These are the three most anti-inflammatory seeds known to man.




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