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Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  False flags aside (more info here) and the history of CIA and FBI targeting vulnerable people and then, while under cover, inciting them to violence only to “capture” them before the deed is done aside,  just pause for a minute and try and comprehend the dehumanizing effect of psychiatric medications. The mildest complaint is “They make me numb.”  The more severe complaint is violent thoughts and actions and a great majority describe not feeling human while taking those medications. Over the past 30 years of practicing psychiatry I have offered a unique service: my speciality was to help patients get OFF psychiatric drugs using orthomolecular medicine.  This was tremendous gratifying as people who were relegated to the medical wasteland – the Bedlam of institutionalized care in their childhood have gotten off psych meds and thrived.

Ann Blake Tracy was an early voice in criticizing Big pHARMa and psychiatric medications in particular.  Here websites are heroic   THIS ONE and THIS ONE.

Now my friend Jonathan Emordm a courageous lawyer who defends integrative medical doctors like myself,  is taking action.

NOW read what Gary Kohls, M.D. sent me today:

Read the two messages below that will help de-mystifying the uniquely American epidemic of school shootings:

Note that the analysis below about the tight connections between psych drugs and violence doesn’t take into account the additional  effects of America’s brain-damaging over-vaccination agenda that can have multiple, usually subtle, adverse effects on behavior, cognition, learning, attentiveness, ADHD symptoms, etc , any of which can lead to the wounded victim of neurotoxic drugs and vaccines being ostracized, ridiculed or disrespected by schoolmates and thus motivate the victim of the toxic “treatments” more prone to wanting to get revenge, especially if  the common “I don’t give a damn” attitude that SSRIs can cause are on board.

Being  immersed in a toxic culture of first person-shooter video violence, brain malnutrition starting in the cradle and easy access to guns is  a sure-fire recipe for an increased incidence of revenge shooting in America that makes total sense – if only the truth were allowed to be told.

Gary Kohls, M.D.




1)  Constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord calls for FEDERAL investigation into link between psych drugs and school shootings

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 by: JD Heyes

Powerful YouTube video about psych drug-school shooter connection:

The original article is at:

(Natural News) A top-rated lawyer who has beaten the Food and Drug Administration more times in court than any other attorney is calling on the Trump administration to launch a probe into possible links between commonly-prescribed psychiatric drugs and the epidemic of school shootings.

“The financial interests of the psychiatric industry is to feed this drug industry,” said Jonathan Emord in a short documentary video. “And the drug industry’s financial interest is to come up with the agents to feed the psychiatric industry.

“The psychiatric industry, then, is endlessly engaged in identifying new disorders,” he continued, “which can then be treated with psychiatric drugs. Now psychiatric drugs are the primary drugs that are consumed in America.”

He’s right about that. In October 2011, Harvard Medical School noted the “astounding” increase in the use of antidepressants by Americans. According to a report by “the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the rate of antidepressant use in this country among teens and adults (people ages 12 and older) increased by almost 400% between 1988–1994 and 2005–2008,” wrote Peter Wehrwein.

By December 2016, as reported by the Scientific American, fully one-in-six Americans were taking a psych drug.

Emord says the studies show the number is higher — one-in-five Americans. And he believes there is a substantive link between increased psychiatric drug use, especially by younger Americans, and the rash of school shootings.

The attorney notes that psych drugs are known to produce dangerous side effects that include thoughts of and/or tendencies towards suicide and, importantly, violence. As such, “shouldn’t we expect aberrant behavior to be cropping up all over the nation?” Emord said.

The attorney added that it’s shocking there isn’t more outrage over the use of drugs even the FDA has admitted can cause dangerous side effects and the high number of school shooters in recent years that have been taking them. (Related: On the same day that 17 children were murdered in a Florida high school, almost 300 Americans were killed by FDA-approved prescription medications.)

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International agrees.

“There is overwhelming evidence that psychiatric drugs cause violence. 27 International drug regulatory warnings cite violence, mania, hostility, aggression, psychosis and even homicidal ideation. Individuals under the influence of such drugs and committing these acts of senseless violence are not limited to using guns are not limited to just schools,” the CCHRI said on the organization’s website.

The organization reports that “at least 36 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.” The result: 172 people wounded and 80 people killed.

The number could be higher; medical and psychiatric histories are not known about all school shooters.

In the video interview, Emord discussed his efforts on behalf of an organization to obtain the medical records of Adam Lanza, who committed the atrocious murders of six-year-old first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

But state officials refused to turn them over, claiming that doing so would mean identifying the antidepressants he was taking and thus “cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.”

Emord said that argument “is ridiculous.” He argued in a Freedom of Information Act case to see Lanza’s records that there were no longer any privacy interests among the concerned parties because those were “extinguished by the acts of” Lanza, yet the state of Connecticut continued to resist.

“Against all of that is this huge financial interest of both the psychiatric community and the drug industry,” he said. “If this did not exist, if there wasn’t this huge lobbying presence, I strongly suspect that the coroner’s offices would release the information to the public.”

He also suspects there would be investigations on the state and federal level. But so far, there aren’t any.



  1. The Red Lake School Shootings, 10th Anniversary:

Mixing Drugs and Guns Doesn’t Work

By Gary G. Kohls, MD – March 21, 2015

March 21, 2005 – Red Lake, Minnesota – Under the crazy-making and neurotoxic influence of 60 mg of Prozac,  and using his grandfather’s shotgun and Glock pistol, Jeff Weise, age 16, shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girl friend at their home. He then went to his Red Lake High School and shot and killed a security guard, a teacher, 5 students, and finally himself, leaving a total of 10 dead and 7 wounded. Weise had previously spent about a year and a half in a residential juvenile treatment program, presumably under the care of a prescribing psychiatrist and other mental health personnel. Weise had reportedly had his dose of Prozac increased to 60 mg per day. (Note: only one American SSRI “antidepressant” [all of which have  identical mechanisms of action and cause adverse effects] is FDA-approved for adolescents, and in some European nations it is against the law for doctors to prescribe SSRIs for children because of the  lack of long-term safety studies and the known increased incidence of violence and suicide. The usual starting dose of Prozac for adults is 10 – 20 mg/day and 8% of the population lacks the liver enzymes needed to metabolize and de-toxify SSRI drugs, thus becoming instantly toxic from them.)


“Most drugs that can cause suicide, including the antidepressants, mood-stabilizers, antipsychotics, smoking cessation drugs and others, can also cause violence. The akathisia, psychotic decompensation, or emotional disinhibition that these drugs can trigger can and do  lead some to suicide, lead others to violence – including homicide. There is some awareness …but considerable resistance to the idea… Treatment induced violence lies in a medical blind spot – no doctor wants to contemplate the possibility that she may have had a role in the deaths of innocent third parties.” —  Dr David Healy, from his 2008 article, entitled “The Hidden Gorilla” (at:

“To the best of my knowledge, nobody in the mainstream media has had the courage to report what the drugs that all these school shooters were taking or withdrawing from at the time of the shootings, nor have they interviewed the prescribing physicians, hospitals or  clinics to find out the rationale for prescribing drugs that have known suicide- and violence-inducing effects (with black box warnings in the prescribing information).Therefore nothing has been learned from these important and endlessly repeated and potentially teachable moments, probably because revealing these inconvenient facts would be economically and medico-legally risky for the sacred cows of Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Medicine.” – Gary G. Kohls, MD – (From:


Appendix A: A Partial List of School Shooters and their Psych Drugs From Red Lake to Sandy Hook (2015 to 2012)

(Note that since 2012, I have quit trying to find out what drugs have been involved in school mass shootings when it became so obvious that EVERYBODY that was co-opted by the huge financial success of Big Pharma’s psych drugs including the media, the government, the medical establishment, the APA, the AAP, the AAFP, the AMA, the FDA, the CDC, the NIMH, the NIH, etc has been very successfully obstructing justice by refusing to even listen to reason about brain-altering drugs because their doctrinal beliefs were being challenged, their livelihoods might be affected and they were scared stiff that psych drug-induced violence, homicide and suicidality would finally be recognized as iatrogenic illnesses. —  GGK, 2-2-2017)

Most of the information below was obtained from and only represents 28 of the school shootings during the eight-year period from March 21, 2005 up to December 14. 2012. (Incidentally, I strongly suggest that inquiring folks study the comprehensive, well-researched YouTube video about the anomalies of the Sandy Hook episode, viewable at


March 21, 2005 – Red Lake, Minnesota
Jeff Weise, age 16, killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girl friend at their home, then killed a security guard, a teacher, 5 students, and finally himself at Red Lake High School, leaving a total of 10 dead and 7 wounded. He had previously spent about a year and a half in a residential juvenile treatment program and was on 60 mg of Prozac. (The usual starting dose of Prozac for adults is 10 – 20 mg.)


January 24, 2006 – Cave City, Arkansas
A 15-year-old student at Cave City School attempted to commit suicide at school by slitting his wristsl. He had taken 4 different antidepressants.


February, 2006 – Memphis, Tennessee
Ladarious Guy, age 15, punched a teacher in the mouth at Memphis City High School. He had just recently started taking Zoloft.


April 24, 2006 – Hillsborough, NC
A student at East Chapel High School with a shotgun took a teacher and a fellow student hostage. He had just stopped taking antidepressants and antipsychotic medication.


August 30, 2006 – Hillsborough, North Carolina
Alvaro Castillo, age 19, shot and killed his father, then wounded two students at Orange High School before surrendering to police. Celexa and other medications were found in his personal effects.


September 13, 2006 – Montreal, Canada 
Kimveer Gill, age 25, opened fire with a semiautomatic weapon at Dawson College. He killed 1 and injured 19 before killing himself. He had been depressed and was being treated at a local health clinic where he likely received antidepressants.


September 27, 2006 – Bailey, Colorado 
Duane Morrison, Platte Canyon High School student, took 6 female students hostage, sexually assaulted them, then shot one of them in the back of the head before shooting himself. He was on an antidepressant medication.


September 29, 2006 – Cazenovia, Wisconsin
Eric Hainstock, a student at Weston High School, killed 1 person. He had been labeled with an ADHD diagnosis and was likely on Ritalin.


October 10, 2006 – Charleston, South Carolina
Tyrell Glover, age 19, took an air rifle to Burke High School where he planned to hold students hostage. He was gunned down by police. He had been on an antidepressant for several years and had switched to Prozac for the previous 6 months.


December 4, 2006 – Indiana
Travis Roberson, age 16, slit a classmate’s throat at Jennings County High School. He had recently missed an unknown number of doses of his antidepressant.


January 3, 2007 – Tacoma, Washington 
Douglas Chanthabouly, age 18, shot a fellow student at Henry Foss High School. He had been in a psychiatric hospital because of a suicide attempt and was on an anti-psychotic.


April 16, 2007 – Blacksburg, Virginia
Cho Seung-Hui, age 23, killed 32 fellow students and wounded 15 at Virginia Tech. He then killed himself. He was on prescription medications.


October 10, 2007 – Cleveland, Ohio 
Asa H. Coon, age 14, wounded 2 students and 2 teachers and then killed himself. He had been taking the antidepressant Trazodone.


November 7, 2007 – Tyler, Texas
Felicia McMillan, age 17, stabbed a male student and the principal at Robert E. Lee High School. She was taking a medication for depression.


November 7, 2007 – Tuusula, Finland 
Pekka-Eric Auvinen,age 18, shot and killed 7 students and the principal at Jokela High School. At least 10 others were injured. He then shot and kitted himself. He had Zoloft, Luvox and Prozac in his possession.


January 8, 2008 – Columbia, Tennessee
A 15 year-old student at Spring Hill High School brought a semi-automatic gun. He also had in his possession the. antidepressant Zoloft.


January 23, 2008 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Brian Gilmore was arrested in the high school parking lot of Lake City High School with 3 stolen high powered rifles and ammunition. His mother stated that his psychiatric meds had “drastically” changed the teenager’s behavior, and his doctor had recently switched him to Prozac.


February 14, 2008 – DeKalb, Illinois
Stephen P. Kazmierczak a former graduate student at Northern Illinois University, killed 5 students and wounded 17 more in a NIU classroom. He then killed himself. He had been seeing a psychiatrist who had prescribed for him Prozac, Xanax and Ambien.


February 15, 2008 – Blackfoot, Idaho
Curtis Kofoed, age 16, took a handgun to Snake River High School, but did not shoot anybody. 8 hours later, he killed himself. He had depression problems in the past and was taking an antidepressant medication.


March 13, 2009 – Winnenden, Germany
Tim Kretschmer, age 17, shot and killed 15 people at Albertville Technical High School. He had been suffering from depression, and was onantidepressants.


August 28, 2008 – Boerne, Texas
Allen Doelitsch, age 18, was jailed for asking a 14-year-old friend to join him in a “Columbine-style” attack. He had been depressed and had recently stopped his bipolar medication because of the side effects.


September 23, 2008 – Western Finland
Matti Saari, age 22, shot and killed 10 students at the Kauhajoki School of Hospitality before killing himself. Matti Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazepine.


November 10, 2009 – Pine Plains, New York 
Christopher Craft Sr., age 43, a graduate of Stissing High School, took Middle School Principal Robert Hess hostage with a shotgun. He been onCymbalta.


December 15, 2010 – Planoise, France 
A 17 year-old with 2 swords held 20 pre-school children and their teacher hostage for 4 1/2 hours at Charles Fourier Preschool in Planoise, France. The teen was on medication for depression.


October 25, 2011 – Snohomish, Washington
A 15 year-old student at Snohomish High School stabbed two schoolmates with kitchen knives. She had been taking medication for depression.


February 5, 2012 – Huntsville, Alabama
Hammad Memon, age 15, shot and killed a Discover Middle School student. He had a history for being treated for ADHD and depression. He had been seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist for ADHD and depression and was taking the antidepressant Zoloft and the addictive psychostimulant drug Ritalin.


July 20, 2012 – Aurora, Colorado

James Holmes, age 23,  an ex-medical student who was under the care of a University of Colorado psychiatrist, shot and killed 12 and wounded 58 people in an Aurora movie theater at the start of the premier showing of the newest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”. After many months of secrecy about what psych drugs he had been on, it was finally revealed in internal police documents that Holmes had been taking Zoloft, Klonopin, Hydrocodone and Claritin.


December 14, 2012 – Newtown, Connecticut 
Adam Lanza, age 24, allegedly killed his mother at her home and then allegedly killed 20 children and 6 staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. He apparently committed suicide at the scene. Lanza had been under the care of psychiatrists for years and, according to the Washington Post, Lanza was on undisclosed psychiatric medications.


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