Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  One of the powerful benefits of eating organic non-GMO seeds is that seeds are loaded with genetic material  (aka “genetic spare parts”) and can be utilized by your own inner Carpenter to buff up your own double helix and improve your gene – anti-aging.  (This is called “trans-genetics” wherein you absorb and incorporate genetic material from the food you eat).   The same logic applies as caveat for you to AVOID eating GMO foods.  Read Robert Cohen’s witty work below on this topic

GOD Spelled Backwards is DOG; GMO spelled Backwards is OMG!

“”I was beginning to think that Simon just had a bad case
of OCD, ADD, and PMS. With a little BS and OMG mixed in.”
– Dannika Dark, ‘Gravity’

GMO = Genetically Modified Organism (The first and most widespread
GMO was the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone. GMO milk
is more dangerous than the milk it replaced as levels of naturally occurring’
IGF-1 have been increased. IGF-1 has been identified as the KEY FACTOR
in the growth and proliferation of every human cancer).
If Orange is the New Black, then gene editing is the new GMO.
A new company, Recombinetics, expects to soon have their
gene-edited bacon, ham and sausage sit upon the average
American’s breakfast buffet table.
Wired magazine recently reported:
“Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up.”
“Gene Editing is revolutionary, and like all revolutions, it’s
perilous…It could at last allow genetics researchers to conjure
conjure everything anyone has ever worried they would—designer
babies, invasive mutants, species-specific bioweapons, and a dozen
other apocalyptic sci-fi tropes. It brings with it all-new rules
for the practice of research in the life sciences. But no one
knows what the rules are—or who will be the first to break them.”
What is the official government position on gene editing? (National Genome Research Institute) revealed:
“Most of the ethical discussions related to genome editing
enter around human germline editing. This is because changes
made in the germline would be passed down to future generations.”
Freaking oink, oink!
“The FDA and the EPA are supposed to be
protecting us, not the people who make the poison.”
– Kenneth Eade, ‘An Involuntary Spy’
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Robert Cohen

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