Vaccine causes disease it purports to prevent.

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  The news of scientific fraud and corruption rampant at the CDC was not surprising to some of us and now we learn that the measles mumps and rubella (MMR) is creating measles  (Yes – you read that correctly but it is not the natural immune enhancing form of the childhood illness)  and when doctors stopped vaccinating the cases of measles dropped by 900x.

This was an unintended and shocking experiment which, if we consider it scientifically, proves that the vaccine actually creates the disease it is supposed to be preventing. It does harm. Doctors swear  “Primum Non Nocere” – first do no harm. 
Please read the article below and consider it carefully and share with your pediatrician.


Outbreak of over 12,000 cases of measles in Ukraine is caused by recent vaccination campaign!


Over 12 000 people have been infected with measles in Ukraine so far this year. Of those affected, 9158 have required hospitalization and 9 have died, according to information provided by national health authorities as of 27 April 2018. Large-scale outbreak response measures have been undertaken since the start of the outbreak in 2017 to curb further spread of the disease and restore high routine immunization coverage.

In 2008, 95% of eligible children in Ukraine received their second (and final) recommended dose of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) on time according to the national routine schedule. By 2016, this rate had fallen to 31%, the lowest coverage in the WHO European Region and among the lowest in the world.

Since July 2017, a national Measles Task Force, including the Ministry of Health, key stakeholders and partners such as WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has been working to vaccinate every eligible child as they reach the appropriate age for MMR vaccination according to the national routine immunization schedule.

By the end of 2017, routine vaccination coverage had drastically improved compared to previous years: 93% of 1-year-olds received the first dose of MMR on time in 2017 and 91% of 6-year-olds received their second dose as recommended. Figures for January and February 2018 indicate that the country is on track to reach at least 95% routine coverage with both doses of MMR vaccine by the end of the year. [1]

It could easily be concluded that the decreasing vaccination rate (from 95% in 2008 to 31% in 2016) is the cause of a gigantic measles outbreak in Ukraine. But the WHO is twisting reality in a cunning way.

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