Bobby Kennedy and Vaccinations

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Sparking truth to power – especially to scientific “experts” who endorse a dogma vs. scientific facts, takes courage.  Bobby Kennedy and Del Bigtree are courageous.


INTERVIEW   with Bobby Kennedy  about vaccinations and mercury in the vaccinations
Del Bigtree:
“People say, so what’s the big deal?
Health and Human Services signed some agreement through a court order stating that they have no records of ever having referenced health and safety of vaccines to congress. So Bobby what is the big deal?”

Robert Kennedy, Jr.:
“Well, here’s the background, Del. When congress gave economic immunity to the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing vaccines  back in 1986, it was removing any kind of economic incentives for those companies to actually maintain or improve or guarantee the safety of vaccines.  Every other product has an incentive to make their product safe from manufacturing defects, because they know that they can get sued by people who are injured. But, in this case, that check and balance was being removed. So congress, in order to remedy that gaping hole in economic incentives, assigned specifically to HHS the obligation to make sure that vaccines were safe.  And one of the key parts of that obligation, and this is all in the 1986 act, was a mandate that every two years that HHS makes a safety profile of the vaccines that it has approved, and that it reports to congress about what it has done during those past two years to improve vaccine safety.

And we couldn’t find any record of any of those reports over the past 32 years.

So we sued HHS. We filed a foil(?) request. They didn’t produce any documents. We sued them, and they have now admitted that they have never done any of those tests, and they have never filed any of those reports.  What it shows is the lackadaisical, cavalier or casual attitude by HHS towards vaccine safety. And, as you know, the vaccine industry and the cartel has done an extraordinary job of disabling all of the institutions in a democratic society that are intended to protect little children from greedy corporations. So they have turned the regulatory agencies — the FDA, HHS, and CDC into sock moppets.

They’ve disabled congress. They’re now the biggest lobbying contributor to congress. They have disabled the press. They have essentially become the biggest advertiser on the press. They’ve disabled lawyers and the courts through VICA which makes it illegal to sue a vaccine company, no matter how grievous your injury, no matter how sloppy or toxic the ingredients are of those vaccines. So all those institutions that normally would protect a victim, a child, no longer exist.  And the only thing that’s left over is HHS’s scrutiny and vigilance. And we absolutely rely on that — and what HHS has admitted here is that there is no scrutiny; there is no vigilance. And of course, the gravamen of their strategy has been to make sure that vaccines are never safety tested.

Most Americans don’t understand this — that, prior to being licensed, every other pharmaceutical drug and pharmaceutical product  has to go through rigorous randomized double-blind placebo testing. Vaccines alone are immune from that. So, instead of five year tests with true placebos, vaccines sometimes only get  a few hours of safety testing or a few days, and of course that’s not long enough to spot  the injuries with long incubation periods, like autism, like ADHD, like food allergies, like autoimmune diseases — nobody would ever contend that you would ever see any of those injuries in a test that only lasts for four days. You get the injection, you stop looking after the fourth day, and if the baby has a seizure on the fifth day or they get autoimmune disease three years later, or they are diagnosed four years later with autism, essentially in reality that never happened.

What HHS’s job has been is supposedly to develop a profile on those vaccines, on their safety, and then report to the public and what we found over 30 years is that they’ve never done it a single time.

The pharmaceutical cartel has been very very adept at erecting vaccines as almost a religious orthodoxy.  And they’ve been able to capture the agencies, the press, these mechanisms that are normally supposed to protect us, including a lot of the advocacy community.
So I think  those of us who care about these issues are on our own, but we have a lot of other mechanisms and a lot of other weapons that we are now developing, including a number of legal approaches like this.

And this is the first of a barrage of legal approaches that we’ve devised. A legal strategy that we believe will ultimately bring support to the parents, protect these children finally, and bring justice to the families that have been injured.

You know and I do that we haven’t been able to talk about all of our legal strategy, but we now have a lot of different arrows in our quiver, and this is the first one and it landed and it hit home. And we expect the other ones to make a  larger and larger impression as we go.”

Thank you, Bobby for all that you do for the cause!

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