Minneapolis, MN Oct 17-21, 2018 — Dr. Akbar Kahn has the most experience in the world prescribing the metabolic therapy drug DCA (dichloroacetate) to cancer patients, with over 2000 cancer patients treated. He also published the world’s first papers showing the curative potential of DCA combined with radiotherapy, the ability of intravenous DCA to reduce tumors without serious side effects, the ability of DCA to stabilize stage 4 cancer for years, and the palliative benefits of DCA (pain reduction, symptom improvement).
Chemotherapy has remained the standard for treating metastatic cancer for the last several decades. Unfortunately, medical doctors tend to grossly overstate the degree of benefit that patients should expect from chemo. Doctors themselves are often unaware of the true benefits of chemo (minimal or zero survival benefit for most solid tumors). Meaningful data can also be hard to find. Canadian cancer pioneer Akbar Khan MD plans to reveal the truth about chemotherapy at the fall conference of the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) in his lecture: “Is Chemotherapy Overrated? Metabolic Therapy with DCA and DMSO as an Alternate Approach.”
His lecture at ICIM will give practitioners scientifically sound and clinically effective alternative solutions to standard toxic chemotherapy for their patients. The focus will be on DCA (a synthetic drug), and DMSO (a natural drug). Dr. Kahn has extensive experience prescribing intravenous DMSO / bicarbonate for cancer therapy and palliation.
Orthomolecular medicine is an approach that uses naturally occurring substances, particularly nutrients, in maintaining health and treating disease. ICIM intends to use this lens to focus their medical education in Minneapolis, with support and guidance from The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine.
Akbar Khan MD has agreed to provide critical information that practitioners can use to educate their patients so they don’t fall victim to the “cancer machine”.
For more information and registration, visit www.IntegrativeMedicineConference.com.