Money over Principle

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  If anyone is still holding out hope that Trump will establish a Vaccine Safety Commission and clean up the Big Pharma swamp, listen to Bobby Kennedy Jr. speak on this topic. Start the video at the 7:30 mark:

Here is a partial transcript of what he had to say (listen to the video for his full statement):

“We showed the proof to the president that the epidemic of chronic diseases is being caused by vaccines and that there is no safety testing, there’s literally no genuine safety testing that takes place on any of the licensed vaccines in this country. And that alone for somebody who cares about children or about the expenditures that we’re being forced to pay, over a trillion dollars per year now because of the epidemic of chronic diseases in the vaccine generation that was born after 1989 when the vaccine schedule exploded, it’s bankrupting our national healthcare system. So all of those things are very, very compelling evidence that the president had before him long ago, and I think this administration has made the decision that the pharmaceutical companies are a more important constituency than the children who are being injured by vaccines.”

– Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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