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“When you start to observe and realize that swallows and house martins no longer nest in towns and villages, when you realize that the sparrows have all disappeared, that in the evenings there are no bats flying in the dusk and that you no longer hear owls hooting, then you will begin to know what effect microwaves from cell towers and antennas are having on the environment.”  https://www.salon.com/2018/07/13/our-cellphone-addiction-is-turning-wireless-tech-into-an-invisible-weapon-that-is-destroying-wildlife_partner/

“Crises push us to tap into our higher powers to find a higher way forward. When external systems and conventional wisdom fail to produce the outcomes we seek, we must tap into our inner wisdom, activate our creatorship, and explore our spiritual matrix for making sense of the scenarios that we call life.”  Olga Sheean  https://www.emfoff.com/conscious-focus-supercharge-best-life/


Resources to Take Action on US 5G Streamlining Bills 
S. 3157 is a federal streamlining  bill fast tracking through the US Congress that will pre-empt state and local government authority in regards to 5G small cells allowing 5G  “small” cell antennas to be built in neighborhoods – in front yards on utility poles, street lights and buildings. It will also restrict rates that government can charge despite the fact that cell installations are shown to decrease property values of homes!  
Environmental Health Trust Resources on 5G 
Environmental Health Trust has compiled several key resources to ensure policy makers and governments have the scientific resources they need. Please take the time to review this list as well as the linked 5G organizations. 
Over 200 scientists and physicians who have researched the biological and health effects of radiofrequency radiation have signed the 5G appeal, calling for a moratorium on the use of 5G technology.
Please see our NEW Factsheet on 5G and Health. This factsheet is hyperlinked to scientific resources and key facts. 
Please watch these videos and share these videos.

Many thanks and much appreciation to Grassroots Environmental Education for hosting a powerful Nationwide Conference Call on 5G. To listen, go to:

Summary of Conference Call
(Please note the URL for the website What Is 5G was inadvertently written incorrectly in this post. The correct URL is https://whatis5g.info)

Doug and Patti Wood and the Grassroots Environmental Education team, assisted by Theodora Scarato, Ellie Marks, and Cindy Franklin, are spear-heading an effort to bring together the organizations and individuals who are working to oppose 5g. Please check out the following links put out by Grassroots Environmental Education: 

1. Short video clip on 5g: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u7k-7msciM&feature=share

2. The prior video will lead you to the website, www.TelecomPowerGrab.org.
There you will find instructions for urging senators to NOT MOVE ON ANY BILLS RELATED TO 5G AND WIRELESS EXPANSION until after the election.

3. You will also see a link to the Grassroots Environmental Education website for Wireless Information Network, http://www.win19.org/
 Wireless Information Network is an excellent resource for up-to-date information about the harms of wireless radiation and what we can do to oppose 5g. 
At the website,  people can also sign up for the WIN ListServe, which is intended for individuals and organizations to share their research, ideas and experience. 

The upshot of the call was that Bill Cook, the lobbyist on our side, urged us all to call our two federal senators (and if time, all the senators from the Committee on Science, Commerce and Transportation) with the following message:
Don’t do ANYTHING on 5G before the election. There’s no rush and too much at stake. It’s a property grab for Telecom at the expense of public interests and safety. Insist on a response from the Senator. 

Grassroots Organizing To Defeat Health-harming, Unproven-safe 5G Wi-Fi Rollout  July 31st, 2018 | Catherine Frompovich | Activist Post
Coverage of the 5G Showdown in Washington Conference Call
(Please note the URL for the website What Is 5G was inadvertently written incorrectly in this post. The correct URL is https://whatis5g.info)
And for a bit of inspiration while were working….
The Ballad of Jerry Brown  produced by members of the Piti Theatre Company.
A refreshing musical offering, recounting one of California’s shining moments last year…when Governor Jerry Brown vetoed their “small cell” bill, SB 649. 
Enjoy “The Ballad of Jerry Brown”  
Petition “hot off the press –  Please sign and share widely!!!
Really well worded petition opposing cell towers in Huntington. Might serve as a good model for other communities. 



Four distinct avenues of surveillance – And it’s only just begun…

1. In the airport – “Quiet Skies” 

“Did you scan the boarding area from afar?
Have a cold, penetrating stare?
Sleep on the plane? Use the bathroom? Talk to others? This is just some of the information that federal air marshals collect on thousands of regular US citizens under a secret, domestic surveillance program.”

Welcome to the Quiet Skies July 28th, 2018 | Jana Winter | The Boston Globe

2. FirstNet infrastructure for “state-of-the-art surveillance technologies”

Surveillance: A New Broadband Network Is Pitching Surveillance Enhancements To Cops Across The Country  July 31st, 2018 | Simon, Davis, Cohen | The Intercept  (Firstnet)  
“The latest technologies promise cops the ability to whip out a smartphone, take a snapshot of a passerby, and instantly learn if that person is in an immigration or gang database.
“A federal broadband program, designed after 9/11 to improve first responder communication during emergencies, will enhance this sort of capability and integrate it into an internet ‘super highway’ built specifically for police and public safety. The program, called FirstNet, is already expanding the surveillance options available to law enforcement agencies across the country.”

“FirstNet’s most lasting achievement may be the infrastructure it provides for state-of-the-art surveillance technologies to be deployed by law enforcement at every level. One of FirstNet’s early adopters, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, has celebrated how FirstNet allows it to livestream surveillance footage to its central command. Only time will tell if the program can enable emerging technologies like real-time facial recognition to become part of the day-to-day operations of U.S. police.
Despite the surveillance enhancements that FirstNet offers local police departments, some are skeptical that local governments (and voters) can be convinced that subscribing to the program is a worthy investment.

3. Police body cameras synced with facial recognition data bases

Cop cameras can track you in real-time and there’s no stopping them At the body camera and stun-gun giant Axon, a face off is brewing over the ethics–and potentially fatal errors–of automated face recognition. July 31st, 2018 | Alex Pasternack | Fast Company
“A police officer is patrolling the neighborhood when he gets an urgent notification on his phone: the face of a passerby matches that of a suspect in a police database. He touches a button to request backup and glides his hand to his holster.”
.”“It’s about helping us fight crime, solve crime, and find missing people,” deputy Jeff Talbot, a department spokesperson, told Fast Company”
“The idea that we’re just going to be identified, threat scored, geo-located everywhere we go is terrifying to me….”

4. And through a vacuum cleaner
Hack Can Turn Robotic Vacuum Into Creepy Rolling Surveillance Machine  July 18th, 2018 | Dell Cameron | Gizmodo
SURVEILLANCE ON WHEELS!! Brought to you by, none other than, a robotic vacuum cleaner!! 
“…the problem is but one of numerous examples of why using Internet of Things devices with cameras and microphones in your home poses a considerable risk to your privacy. Potentially being recorded in what you believe is the security of your own home—where you might feel free to say and do things that may not be acceptable to, you know, the rest of society—may be too high a price to pay just so you don’t have to bother cleaning up after yourself.”
Bottom line: “If you do happen to be concerned about this type of threat, you might consider finding a robot to do your bidding that doesn’t come equipped with wifi. Or, you know, just buy a plain ol’ vacuum.”
I’ll go for the plain ol’ vacuum ANY day!!!!!

All Good Gadgets Go to Waste  July 31st, 2018 | Rick Paulas | NY Magazine SelectAll
“Well, so what? These ‘smart’ appliances are all cheap enough that we can wear them into obsolescence and replace the old ones with new ones. Generational upgrades are always annoying, but we already do it with phones and laptops. It’s not the end of the world.
Until it is.
Electronic waste, or ‘e-waste,’ is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. According to a 2017 report by the United Nations….”

Comcast, Charter dominate US; telcos “abandoned rural America,” report says  AT&T and Verizon have generally built fiber only where they face competition. July 31, 2018 | Jon Brodkin | Ars Technica
For more context to why we dont have fiber in rural areas, please see this annotated version by Scientists For Wired Technology 
Telcos Canceled Fiber and Created the Digital Divide
ARS Technica about recently released report from Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR).
Connected Communities – Wired Networks for Crossing the Digital Divide   Why Community Owned Fiber is the Smart Choice
Great new website on fiber.  Can be shared with policy makers, city councils, and communities. 
Let’s Do It… Fiber to All Homes and Premises!!

NIH Health in Buildings Roundtable (HiBR) Roundtable 2018
Martin Pall, Ph.D., Cece Doucette, Peter Sullivan, Frank Clegg, and Theodora Scarato all presented at the National Insitute of Health’s  Health in Buildings Conference 
EMF talks begin at 3:58:50 on the following link:

Just in case you haven’t yet seen this great resource from physicians and health professionals.
Physicians For Safe Technology  Digital Technology and Public Health
“We are a group of physicians and health professionals whose mission is to provide trusted leadership in promoting, healthy and safe environments through the safer use of technology at home, in schools, in the workplace, in healthcare settings and in communities.”
“Our vision is a world where technology serves our needs without undermining our physical, psychosocial or environmental health.”
Compendium of studies and reviews on millimeter waves and cell towers
Plenty of solid science here to help the skeptic reconsider. 
With appreciation to Environmental Health Trust, Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, Physicians For Safe Technology, and Understanding EMFs for their compilations which are linked to in this one. 
Our cellphone addiction is turning wireless tech into an invisible weapon that’s destroying wildlife
Electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and cell towers poses a “credible risk” to birds, mammals, insects and plants  July 14th, 2018 | Raynard Loki | 
“Mammals, birds, insects and even plants are likely being harmed by the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emanating from Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, broadcast transmitters and power lines, according to a new analysis of 97 peer-reviewed studies conducted by EKLIPSE, a biodiversity and ecosystem project funded by the European Union.
The researchers said that “evidence is accumulating that mammals (e.g., bats and mice) have a magnetic sense” that is affected by radio-frequency-modulated electromagnetic fields (RF-EMR). Birds in particular may be highly susceptible. The researchers found that even weak magnetic fields in the radio frequency range can disrupt birds’ magnetoreception, their ability to use the Earth’s magnetic fields to orient themselves and find their way home.”
1986 study on mmW frequencies
Absorption of Millimeter Waves by Human Beings and its Biological Implications  Feb. 1986 | O.P. Gandhi
A. Riazi  | IEEE

With recent advances in millimeter-wave technology, including the availability of high-power sources in this band, it has become necessary to understand the biological implications of this energy for human beings. This paper gives the millimeter-wave absorption efficiency for the human body with and without clothing. Ninety to ninety-five percent of the incident energy may be absorbed in the skin with dry clothing, with or without an intervening air gap, acting as an impedance transformer. On account of the submillimeter depths of penetration in the skin, superficial SAR’S as high as 65-357 W/Kg have been calculated for power density of incident radiation corresponding to the ANSI guideline of 5 mW/cm/sup 2/. Because most of the millimeter-wave absorption is in the region of the cutaneous thermal receptors (0.1 – 1.0 mm), the sensations of absorbed energy are likely to be similar to those of IR. For the latter, threshold of heat perception is near 0.67 mW/cm/sup 2/, with power densities on the order of 8.7 mW/cm/sup 2/ likely to cause sensations of “very warm to hot” with a latency of 1.0+-0.6s. Calculations are made for thresholds of hearing of pulsed millimeter waves. Pulsed energy densities of 143-579 µJ/cm/sup 2/ are obtained for the frequency band 30-300 GHz. These are 8-28 times larger than the threshold for microwaves below 3 GHz. The paper also points to the need for evaluation of ocular effects of millimeter-wave irradiation because of high SAR’s in the cornea.

France bans smartphones from schools  July 31st, 2018 | Rory Smith | CNN
“French children will have to leave their smartphones and smart devices at home or switched off when they are at school starting in September.”
“We know today that there is a phenomenon of screen addiction, the phenomenon of bad mobile phone use… Our main role is to protect children and adolescents. It is a fundamental role of education, and this law allows it,” said Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer on French news channel BFMTV.”
New study suggests that use of cell phones may affect memory in teenagers  These days, most people rely and are attached to a phone 24/7. Several studies have been conducted to determine the potential health effects of phones related to the RF-EMF.  July 27, 2018 | Rose Beltz | KREM2
“A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Health Perspectives suggests that frequent use of wireless communication specifically cell phones, may affect memory in teenagers. This is a follow up experiment from 2015 that has twice the sample size and more updated information concerning the absorption of EMF in teen brains while talking on their devices.”
Also see: 
School Children Suffering Memory Problems From Using Their Cellphones  Aug. 1st, 2018 | Bryon Hubbard | What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Why a $95 million bill to study tech’s effects on kids might actually pass this time  July 27th, 2018 | Sasha Lekach | Mashable

“Congress wants to spend $95 million to study how gadgets and social media affects children. 
The proposal for the Children and Media Research Advancement Act, or CAMRA Act, was introduced Thursday in the U.S. Senate. A bipartisan group is behind the bill, so it might actually have a chance of passing.
The bill is not new. Back in 2004, then-Sen. Joseph Lieberman wanted to study the effects of electronic media on the youth. It fizzled out. The same thing happened when a version of the bill was introduced again in 2007 — just a few months before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. 

Fast-forward to 2018. Now, it seems like there are iPhones in every pocket. Parents use iPads to stop their 2-year-olds from whining. People are a lot more concerned about what exposure to screens and social media is doing to impressionable young minds.” 


Unfortunately, the Quebec class action lawsuit was rejected. Perhaps the Australian one will fare better. (See subsequent entry)

Premier retrait d’un cellulaire hors norme au Canada  31 Juil 2018 | André Fauteu | Maison Saine
You can use Google translate if needed:  http://translate.google.com/

Something potentially BIG is brewing down-under for the 5G – A class action lawsuit  July 30th, 2018 | Between A Rock And A Hard Place
“A Class Action Lawsuit is in the process of being filed on behalf of the citizens of Australia. It addresses those entities within Government and industry seen to be failing in their duty to protect the public from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by consumer products and related infrastructure. The intent is not to curtail useful technology, but rather prompt a comprehensive overhaul of outdated EMR safety standards so as to incorporate the full gamut of scientific evidence, as well as the true meaning of the internationally mandated “precautionary principle”. A significant part of this process involves community education and empowerment.”

AMI Smart Meter Overcharges & Overbillings Class Action Lawsuit  July 29th, 2018 | Catherine Frompovich | The Activist Post 
“On July 19, 2018, a civil action was filed against the Central Maine Power Company.  It is a Class Action Complaint with Jury Trial Demand, Docket No. CV-18-324 filed by Mark Levesque in the State of Maine Superior Court, Cumberland, SS.
In the Introduction part of the Brief filed, we find this:
• CMP delivers electricity to more than 624,000 customers in an 11,000 square mile service area in central and southern Maine.  On October 30, 2017, CMP switched from its 27-year old mainframe computer to a new electronic billing system.   That is when the trouble began.  Indeed, beginning the following month, as a result of the new billing system and metering issues, approximately 97,000 CMP customers saw their bills increase by 50% or more.”



Evolving 5G Landscape Creates New RF Challenges  An escalation in bandwidth, implementation of massive MIMO and beamsteering, and the need for high linearity are some of major considerations designers must weigh. Jul 24, 2018|Ben Thomas, Scott Vasquez | Electronic Design

Technical article on the challenges tech companies face in deploying 5g. 

“path loss at mmWave (millimeter wave) frequencies presents a key challenge; obstacles such as vegetation, walls and even glass, as well as interference in urban environments, have a significant effect. To compensate, FWA (fixed wireless access) infrastructure will use large antenna arrays and high output power (Fig. 3). Current base-station designs under consideration range from 64 to 1024 elements, depending on the technologies used, with a typical target of 65-dBm EIRP (decibel milliwatts of effective isotropic radiated power).”


Local Resistance Builds to Google’s ‘Smart City’ in Toronto  Biggest project by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs faces questions over who will handle residents’ personal data in the high-tech setting   Aug. 1st, 2018 | Vipal Monga and Jacquie McNish | The Wall Street Journal
“An Alphabet Inc. GOOGL 0.47% project aimed at creating a ‘smart city’ on Toronto’s waterfront is facing resistance from local officials who are worried about the development’s direction and how Google’s parent company will handle residents’ personal data.”
“Privacy watchdogs have questioned who will control sensitive digital information as residents are tracked by sensors that may be embedded in such infrastructure as traffic lights, thermostats and garbage-disposal units. Also at issue are ownership rights over any products or techniques developed at the site and sold elsewhere.”

A bill has passed the House and will ,most likely pass the Senate.  No farmland or ranch will be safe in the future.

The “Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act of 2018” 
Basically it sets up a task force under the FCC to propose how to bring the tech to 95% of agricultural lands by 2025
Sacramento 5G Cell Tower Specs  
Scientists For Wired Technology walks us through how these specs from a “small cell” in Sacramento translate into real world exposure.  
Website for 5G propaganda in the UK


Annoying article from CTIA

This Week in 5G: 5G is All Around Me  July 20th, 2018 | CTIA Blog
“Fresh off the World Cup, countries are moving full steam ahead in the Race to 5G. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in This Week in 5G:”


Shower Curtain Has Pockets For Electronics  July 25th, 2018 | Sem Espinhas 
“The Thing I noticed was that it was very difficult to hear the show…or whatever you’re watching on your device in the shower. You could solve that by using a Blue Tooth speaker, but that’s another thing you have to bring in.”
I suppose some would consider the following a great break through in medicine. But for some reason…I can’t quite get there
Wireless System can Power and Communicate with Tiny Devices inside the Body (Full Video)  June 3rd, 2018 | Fadel Adib
“Researchers at MIT Media Lab, Harvard Medical School, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a new way to wirelessly power and communicate with devices implanted deep within the human body.”

NEW wireless electric vehicle technology will threaten driver and passenger health  June 20th, 2018 | Lori Alton |Natural Health 365
“With most electric vehicles requiring charging every 100 to 250 miles, engineers are scrambling to find a more ‘convenient’ wireless charging options. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a method of “on the go” wireless charging – in which charging plates would be installed in roadways, while a start-up technology company outside Philadelphia is focusing on stationary wireless charging.”
Addressing the 12-centimeter air gap between the roadway and the vehicle, “the team reported that they are using about 1,000 watts, in megahertz-scale frequencies, to send energy across the gap.”

Anderson Co. high school football team using smart helmets  July 31st, 2018 | Jennifer Martin | 7 News
A perfect example of how “smart” technology is being used in a shamefully “dumb” way.
There is absolutely no excuse for radiating a child’s head to prevent a possible concussion. These children are far from being “kept safe.”
“ANDERSON CO., SC (WSPA) – Crescent High School’s football team in Anderson County is using high tech helmets to monitor impact levels during practices in an effort to keep players safer.”
One harm cannot be used to counter another.




Here are the different strategies we have deployed/are continuing to deploy in different cities who are at various stages of adopting Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antenna – Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (CPMRA-WTFs) into their communities. 

The three most effective things every set of Opposition Residents can do:

1. California Public Records Act (CPRA), Government Code Section 6250 et seq., http://scientists4wiredtech.com/oakland/cpra-request/

2. The number of people that show up at hearings/meetings is much more important than persuasive letters/reasons; it is much faster and less expensive to win the political battle than the legal battle.

3. Stuff the public record in advance of any Planning Commission/City Council hearing; all decisions and appeals are based on what is in the written public record at this first hearing. (I start every major email with something like? “Will you please place this email/letter into the public record for the Verizon and Mobilitie Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antenna – Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (CPMRA-WTFs) applications in (city name). Thank you for doing so.”

Key Resources:



Wireless Education EMF Courses 
Wireless Education (https://www.wirelesseducation.org) has created a non-profit to educate people on the science, risks, what other countries are already doing, and medically recommended safe technology practices. 
The Schools & Families Course is less than the cost of a movie ticket.
The Corporate Induction Safety Awareness Course is priced really low too, under $25 per license.
“Each course can be completed in about a half hour — quicker for those who already know the issue. We are poised to train entire schools, workforces and communities as soon as this issue comes mainstream. In the meantime, family members find the courses very helpful for level-setting with the facts when opening this conversation with loved ones.”

Laurie Keith
“It all works out in the end. And…if it’s not working out, it’s not the end!”  Anonymous Earthling
Licensed Massage Therapist
Langley, Washington


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