Germanium and Cancer

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: I have used IV germanium for helping cancer – but need to be careful with cardiac toxicity. That is not a risk with the oral use of this remarkable mineral.  Read what Dr. Jurasunas has to teach about oral germanium.

My Experience with Organic Germanium and Cancer
by Professor Serge Jurasunas
Author of Health and Disease Begin in the Colon

During my 50 years of practice, I have used many natural compounds that I investigated especially for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. I recall organic germanium sesquioxide from the Japanese researcher K. Asai as one of the most interesting, effective, and fascinating experiences in my professional life.

Dr. Alfred Vogel and I were both in close contact, and one day Dr. Vogel phoned me to say he was coming back from Japan and heard about a new substance to treat cancer called germanium developed by Dr. Asai. He suggested that I invite him to speak at my 1974 International Congress that I set up in the city of Aix en Provence, France. I then invited K. Asai, and he graciously accepted.

At that time, germanium was almost unknown in Japan and totally unknown in the Western world; but my intuition told me that what we had here was a miraculous compound that will soon be adopted in most countries. I was not mistaken since the publication of Dr. Asai’s book, Germanium-Miraculous Cure, started to attract considerable interest. In fact, the following year I was invited to Los Angeles for a cancer convention. I introduced germanium in my lecture; but at the time, it was still too early for the audience to understand its impact. I was an early adopter in the use of organic germanium or Geoxy 132 in my clinic.

It was first synthesized and manufactured by K. Asai and his team in 1967, at the Asai Germanium Institute. I discovered organic germanium had amazing curative powers. Basically, germanium is an organic, semi-metal semi-conductor with electrical properties found in the coal mines; but Asai also discovered its curative properties. By 1980, little by little many more positive reports came from the Asai Germanium Institute and other laboratories. The power of germanium is based on the fact that it increases oxygen in the body by expelling accumulated hydrogen as well as heavy metals. Geoxy 132 has been shown to increase gamma interferon (anti-viral activity) in the blood, activate macrophages and NK cells, T-cells, B-cells and demonstrate anti-tumor activity. However Geoxy 132, because of its electrical property, may disrupt the membrane of cancer cells and make them much less resistant and easier to destroy via chemotherapy or immune cell activation.


My Personal Experience with Germanium
Now, it is important to mention that after my initial meeting with K. Asai I began to use his Geoxy 132 from the Asai Germanium Institute over the next 16 years on several hundred cancer cases but also with other diseases, obtaining unique and memorable results. I kept close contact with him; and the following year, he came again to Europe to lecture and also to my home. Then over the years, I built up patient cases; and by 1987, I decided that I had enough experience to write a book on germanium based upon my clinical experience, including a large number of illustrated patient cases. During the ensuing the years, I used Geoxy 132 with adults, aged patients, and with many children.

One was a 17-month-old baby girl with liver cirrhosis (after a blood transfusion) using 100 mg. of Geoxy 132 per day with a spectacular result. There was no toxicity even after taking organic germanium for 18 months. There were already misleading reports about toxicity, found only in inorganic germanium. In both children and adults, I used 400 mg  and up to 600 mg per day, as in the case of an  advanced cancer, obtaining complete recovery.

My book on germanium and cancer shows an example of a case where, in 1988, an 11-year-old boy with a desperate brain tumor condition and a prognosis of six months or little more to live came into my clinic with his father. This boy recuperated totally after taking my treatment of 250 mg of Geoxy 132 per day, up until 1990. Today, the boy is a medical doctor using alternative methods as well. In my new book Health and Disease Begin in the Colon Featuring Prof. Serge Jurasunas Natural Medicine,you can readabout young patients treated in 1983 to 1988, in the chapter on clinical cases on pages 314-315 and from 318-319, with some very impressive outcomes. After 30 years have gone by, these patients were still healthy reaching adulthood.


My First Cancer Patient Treated with Organic Germanium
The patient was diagnosed with a tumor of the hypophysis and lost 90% of his vision from the left eye. On the way to surgery, he decided to first try something natural first. I started with 300 mg of germanium per day; and after two months, he recovered 100% of the vision. After three months, the tumor was gone. This really showed me how germanium is powerful even on a solid tumor. The patient had no surgery and no chemotherapy. I have a similar case with a large tumor that was eliminated without surgery. Today things can be different; I would recommend surgery for most primary tumors.


Germanium and Toxicity
As far back as 1971, toxicology tests made by the Asai Germanium Institute found that organic germanium sesquioxide was incredibly safe, even with a high dose. These results had been replicated by other laboratories in Japan and US, confirming no organic germanium toxicity. Even with long-term usage, there was no accumulation in the organs. It had been found that after a period of 20-30 hours that no traces of germanium could be found in the body, having been eliminated by the kidneys. In testing done on rats by the Japan Experimental Medical Institute after 90 minutes, you find only a very small quantity of germanium in kidney, such as 15.00 ppm, nothing in sufficient quantity that could damage the kidneys.

However, there have been reported cases of acute renal failure with patients taking inorganic germanium and not the original organic Geoxy 132 from K. Asai. Inorganic germanium dioxide is toxic and accumulates in the body. It was associated with nephrotoxicity and acute renal failure after being given to aged sick and weak patients, who probably already had bad kidneys. The patients had been taking 600 mg of inorganic germanium daily for 18 months. The first report by Okada et al, in 1987, damaged the reputation of the germanium Geoxy 132 with two cases of renal compromise. Again, this was inorganic germanium dioxide and not organic Geoxy 132.

Two years later, Okada revised his early position on organic germanium sesquioxide by demonstrating the safety of chronic high doses just as I had done with my patients over so many years. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done; the original misleading Okada error from 1987 had been continually cited for over 20 years with articles and TV programs warning people that germanium was not only toxic but dangerous, leading to kidney damage and fatality.

By 1990, the reaction in France and England, after publication of my book, reached hysterical proportion, but one interesting question stood out: Why, from 1967 to 1987, had organic germanium demonstrated a consistent safety record and been in use with no sign of kidney compromise whatsoever? How come after nearly 20 years using Geoxy 132 in different dosages with a high dose up to 600 mg, and even in the long term, there were no complaints and no one died?







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