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Having my four children during the 80’s and 90’s was one big fight with the medical “elites.” not to mention family and friends. I went through four pediatricians with one doctor who even refused to check my baby after her birth because I refused to let the hospital administer silver nitrate drops! He never even asked me why I refused. I did not vaccinate my children which always led to a big fight and was even told I was ” a bad mother” for not giving my 6 week old baby antibiotics for a cold. I read, DPT a Shot in the Dark, and never looked back.  I fed them organic food I made myself,  no sugar or white flour, I dressed them in all cotton organic clothes (not easy back then!) I used homeopathic remedies and visited chiropractors and holistic medicine doctors for advise. They played outside and no TV except kid movies on VCR. They did not go to daycare. Schooling was done at small private Montessori school. They all graduated from college and are strong, healthy, independent people.

Not one of them had ear infections and not one pediatrician ever asked me why my kids were so healthy. I was treated like a lunatic. Guess who looks crazy now? We only went to the pediatrician for yearly check ups for school or required sports physicals. Luckily I live in a state with religious exemptions so I joined a church, hired a lawyer who wrote a letter for school records declaring my beliefs and my right to defend them.  It wasn’t easy but after reading this article I am so grateful I had the mind to do my homework and not be brainwashed by the medical establishment who no longer think for themselves but are slaves to the “standard of care” which apparently now means your child will be autistic but immune from diseases that no longer exist.  This is truly a tragedy of epic proportions.

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You are so ahead of the curve on this issue. I have so many friends who have so many regrets. I can only pray the sheeple wake up to the reality we are creating: 1 in 2. Not to mention the steady rise of Alzheimer’s and dementia also linked to aluminum. Who will care for these people? We are headed for disaster.

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Dr.jeffrey dach


The American Disaster– Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines Cause  Autism We now have 5 years of medical research, mostly from outside the United States, incriminating aluminum adjuvants in vaccines as the cause of autism epidemic.  JB Handley does a nice job laying out the argument and summarizing this research.(3)  He uses the web site, Vaccine Papers, as a good source for the documentation.(4)  Many others have raised the red flag on aluminum adjuvants.

The increasing epidemic of autism in children is the new American Disaster.  The “authorities”, the medical societies, the government and the drug makers,  are in denial and are dragging their feet because of the huge amounts of money at stake.  The truth is that our increasing numbers of vaccines, many of which contain a uminum adjuvants and mercury preservatives  are creating the autism epidemic and the American Disaster. for more :…/aluminum-in-vaccines-cause-autism   jeffrey dach md

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hi Jeffrey – the Truth about Vaccines is viewable now – many factors and co-factors are discussed by some outstanding practitioners like Dr Paul Thomas/ Dr Palevsky/ Dr Bark/Dr Humpries and the theorist Neil Miller and many other articulators – a MUST VIEW –

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Hi Dr.jeffrey.  In this link there are 50 doctors, including Dr. Mercola, telling the truth about vaccines (videos, webs, articles)

In the autistic spectrum, aluminum is present intracellularly in microglia cells and other inflammatory non-neuronal cells in the meninges, vasculature, gray matter and white matter. (2018)…/S0946672X17308763

Lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic and may be involved in the etiology of Asd. Toxic metals can induce neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. (2018)…/S001393511830269X

Autism is associated with both vaccines, genetic susceptibility and environmental factors. It is essential to avoid processed foods, Roundup, sugar, antibiotics, mercury, etc.The neurotoxic effects affect brain endothelial cells, microglial activation, chronic oxidative stress, activation of immuno-inflammatory pathways and impairment of mitochondrial function. (2018)…/s12035-017-0692-2

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have altered brain-gut interactions, which are closely associated with functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and intestinal microbiome. (2017)…/pmc4933016

There is a remarkably consistent correlation between the use of Roundup in GMO crops with the increase in autism rates.

EMF causes reactive oxygen species of high toxicity in cellular homeostasis with loss of membrane integrity and loss of agents such as glutathione, glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase, DNA damage, alteration of the blood-brain barrier associated with the incidence of autistic spectrum conditions (2017)…/S2213879X17300731

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During pregnancy, to protect the mother, her detoxification system acts to discard toxic heavy metals into the developing fetus. The research team hopes their work will create greater awareness of, and initiate protections against, the growing levels of environmental toxicity. The levels of toxic and essential trace metals found in both the newborn and its mother’s hTMA were reviewed. Toxic metals including cadmium (157 vs. 87.5 μ/kg), mercury (246 vs. 198 μg/kg), copper (14,313 vs. 11,776 μg/kg) and aluminum (52,022 vs. 408,207 μg/kg) were all higher in the newborn’s hair when compared with their mother’s hTMA; suggesting that metals may be discarded in the fetus as a detoxification method. Researchers compared their data with available data from Germany and Poland and recognized overall similarities.  Vaccines and exposure add to this.

Autism is more common in premature births. In preterm infants, prolonged intravenous feeding with solutions containing aluminum is associated with impaired neurologic development.  HTMA tests indicate a deficiency of magnesium level in males were approximately sixty percent below the mean, while females were fifty percent below the mean.  Zinc as well was lower in relation to Copper.…/NewsletterJan-Feb2017.pdf

Stressors (Oxidative Stress) deplete magnesium and zinc further such as EMF exposure and allow toxic metals like aluminum and mercury and copper to accumulate and mag and zinc to then drop further in a vicious cycle. Glyphosate is a potent chelator that easily binds divalent cations (e.g., Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe) and forms stable complexes (Toy and Uhing 1964; Cakmak et al. 2009) and residue is now found frequently in our bodies.  Magnesium is involved with il-6+glutathione synthesis to detoxify metals.…/10915810305120   Autism have reduced ability to detoxify metals

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I have always felt that humans were over vaccinated and have tried to voice my feeling on this more than once to family members who think I am a nut case who think I do not know what I am talking about. I also work for a animal rescue (8yrs) the things I have seen come from all the shots that are given to these animals and then expected to continue to be give after they are adopted is overwhelming. Some of these animals over time develop tumors at the shot point some in a matter of months attitude change and usually not for the better. Some become harder to adopt. Aggression shows up that was never there before. I do not give all of these shots to my own pets for this reason. But then I feel that all of this human and animal is nothing but a money maker for doctors , vets. insurance and the makers of these vaccines. Anyway my point in tell this about the animals is there does not need to be any more testing done to see what it is doing to us the evidence is all ready there.  I wonder if this is  reason for people who go wacko and cause all of these shootings and killings that happen especially in younger people. It would not surprise me to find this to be the case as we all know it messes with the brain.

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