Cells phones toxic per new studies

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  Cell phones are the perfect smart bomb – it thins out the population via brain cancer and it does not harm the non-human assets and infrastructure.  In the manual it warns us to not have the phone turned on and closer that 5/8th of an inch from your body  – meaning never TOUCH the phone when it is on… WHAT?   Us these sexy addictive accessories carefully.

National Toxicology Program Publishes Final Cell Phone Radiation Study Reports

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

November 1, 2018

My new post about the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) cell phone radiation studies contains the official summaries of the final reports, the NTP’s press release, and my analysis and comments.

In 1999, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nominated cell phone radio frequency radiation (RFR) for study by NTP. Nineteen years later the NTP has published the final reports on the effects of exposure to 2G (GSM and CDMA) cell phone radiation on rats and mice.

The NTP final reports indicate that the NTP staff has accepted the peer review committee’s recommendations about the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation. A summary of these recommendations is available at: http://bit.ly/NTP180330.

Besides “clear evidence” (the highest category) of cancer in male rats from long term exposure to cell phone radiation, the NTP found degeneration in the hearts of male and female rats, decreased birth weights in rats exposed prenatally, and DNA damage in mice and rats as compared to sham controls.

Nonetheless, the NTP seems to be downplaying the significance of the results for public health of their $30 million cell phone radiation studies.

The data in the following tables were extracted from Tables A2 and C2 in the NTP final report on the 2-year rat study (pp. 149-150 and 203-204) …. …  the highest overall tumor rates (i.e., the presence of either a benign or malignant tumor in any organ) were found in male rats exposed to 3 watts per kilogram of either GSM (87%) or CDMA (84%) cell phone radiation, and the lowest rate was found in the sham control group (63%). The exposed groups had significantly higher overall tumor rates than the sham controls.

The highest cancer rates (i.e., malignant tumors) were found in male rats exposed to 3 watts per kilogram of either GSM (42%) or CDMA (46%) cell phone radiation and the lowest rate was found in the sham control group (27%). Here, too, the exposed groups had significantly higher overall cancer rates than the sham controls.

Moreover, male rats in the lowest exposure groups (1.5 watts per kilogram) had significantly higher rates of benign tumors (76% for GSM; 73% for CDMA) than the sham control group (54%).

Is it justifiable to bury these results in the appendices to the final reports?

The results of the NTP and Ramazzini Institute studies reaffirm the concerns raised by the scientific community in the International EMF Scientist Appeal about the harm caused by chronic exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields (EMF). The Appeal, which has been signed by more than 240 EMF scientists who have published over 2,000 papers on EMF and biology or health in professional journals, calls for warning the public and strengthening EMF guidelines, especially to protect children and pregnant women.

NTP official summaries and press release



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