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Electromagnetic Radiation Safety: 2018 Year in Review

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

December 30, 2018

How Big Wireless Convinced Us Cell Phones and Wi-Fi are Safe” was selected as one of the ten most under-reported stories of the past year by Project Censored (PC).

This year the U.S. government disbanded with many environmental protections and paved the way for industry to intensify its exploitation of the environment at the expense of planetary health. The telecom and wireless industries have benefited from the government’s abdication of responsibility to protect the public’s health. State and federal governments have conflicts of interest — on average, 19% of your cell phone bill is devoted to taxes and fees in addition to the taxes that corporations pay.

With the conclusion of two major studies this year, we now have “clear evidence” that cell phone radiation exposure can cause cancer based upon research conducted by the National Toxicology Program in the U.S. and the Ramazzini Institute in Italy. Many scientists believe that this research constitutes the “missing link” needed for the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer to declare wireless radiation a human carcinogen (i.e., Group 1).

Researchers at Yale University and the Connecticut Health Department published the first case-control study examining the association between cell phone use and thyroid cancer.  The researchers found elevated risks of thyroid cancer among heavier, long-term cell phone users. This research may help explain why thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the U.S. Incidence has nearly tripled since the 1980’s from four per 100,000 in 1980 to fifteen per 100,000 in 2014.

By year end, 246 scientists who have published over 2,000 papers in professional journals on electromagnetic fields and biology or health signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal….

The EMR Safety website addresses scientific and policy developments regarding the health risks from exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Since 2013, the website has had 1.9 million page views by visitors from over 200 countries which attests to the worldwide concern about the impact of wireless radiation on our health and the health of our environment. During the past year, half of visitors were from outside the United States with the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Israel, Germany, Greece, Italy and France represented the most.

This website provides a curated collection of links to articles on cell phones and other wireless devices and infrastructure. The site summarizes the peer-reviewed research on health risks associated with wireless radiation and provides links to news stories that report on the manufacturing of doubt about these health risks by agencies and scientists with conflicts of interest.

The following links were the most popular wireless radiation stories in 2018:



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Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

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