Omega 3 EPA and DHA toxicity

Dr. Weeks Comment:  For most of my career as an integrative medical doctor, I recommended high quality fish and krill oil which today are the most popular nutritional supplements in the world and then…. 7 years ago I learned they are bad for you. For a lot of reasons. So, I threw thousands of dollars worth of high quality fish and krill oil into the trash.  Why?  Because I learned three things from Prof. Brian Peskin:  1) fish/krill oil (omega 3 fatty acids) suffocates cell membranes and increase the risk of cancer and heart disease and most chronic degenerative illnesses;  2) all the negative studies on omega 6 oils were done on ALREADY rancid, hydrogenated, oxidized vegetable oil so its metabolites of course will be unhealthy. But studies on omega 6 seed oils which are UNADULTERATED and NON-RANCID oils show that omega 6 seed oils are the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils we eat! (study the arachidonic acid metabolite “prostacyclin”) 3) the amount of DHA and EPA in fish and krill oil supplements is 20-500x more than we can use. So it is toxic as commonly prescribed.

“.. the amount of EPA/DHA from routine fish oil recommendations is 20X–500X more than the body would naturally produce on its own from alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)—Parent omega-3…Advances in quantitative analysis have been made in the 21st century which are not yet disseminated in the medical community; that is, the delta-6/-5 enzymes are not impaired in the general patient population, and the amount of EPA/DHA required on a daily basis by the brain is now known to be less than 7.2 mg/day. Neither extremely important fact was known in the 20th century…”

Skeptical?  Read this article  and then study at this website. Then call me and allow me the juvenile delight of saying (with a smile) “I told you so!”



Watch this interview and join the Revolution in Nutrition – Eat the Seed – (make certain the seed is organic and non-GMO).

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