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Dr. Weeks’ Comment: 5G (5th generation) is nothing like 4G. It is very unhealthy and can be weaponized. We need to educate people and politicians about its dangers. Do your research. Consider non-industry funded scientists who have no conflict of interest like Dr. Martin Pall . Or what does Robert F. Kennedy Jr – founder of the Children’s Health Defense thinks of 5G? Here is what his organization says about 5G.

Here on Whidbey Island, support Whidbey Telecommunications who offer a wired fiber based and NOT antennae based 5G option.

Also join CLEAR Whidbey (“CLEAR” stands for Citizen League Encouraging Awareness of Radiation.

Now let’s give the last word to someone who installs 5G…

A 5G Installer voices his concerns

A 5G Installer expresses his concerns on the possible dangers of 5G on the human population. Is he right or wrong?

Posted by Nathan Dimoff on Friday, June 14, 2019
An installer of 5G warns the world

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