Lethal Sexism

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The female heart is more vulnerable to sudden heart attacks and resulting death because women experience inflammation more deleteriously than do men. Inflammation and not cholesterol or lipid disorder are the cause death from heart attacks. But did you know that women who have a heart attack in public are almost 20% less likely to receive CPR from a male stranger than would a man suffering a heart attack in public! Don’t be SEXIST. Learn CRP now in 2 minutes and remember no mouth to mouth is required now, just pressing down on the heart – and remember that the compression rhythm is the beat from the Bee-Gees song “Staying Alive“- just play that in your mind while you save a life!

“It’s important to look at why bystanders are so much less likely to intervene to save a woman in cardiac arrest. The first barrier is a wildly inaccurate myth that women don’t even experience cardiac arrest. Though many people think heart issues are a “men’s problem,” heart disease actually affects more women than men, killing roughly one woman every minute. Even when bystanders accurately identify that a woman needs CPR, they may be afraid to touch her breasts, confused about where to put their hands, or apprehensive about pushing down hard and fast on a woman’s body.”


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