The National Health Federation and weaponized 5G

Dr. Weeks’ Comment: The National Health Federation is older than I am – by two years. It is 64 and, for longer than I have been alive, it has been championing health care freedom. NHF mission statement.

As Vice Chairman of the NHF, I am pleased to share with you today that the NHF is helping you stay safe from 5G. How? By promoting the critically important 5G Summit, (here is your free registration link: ). Sign up – even for free – and you will be gifted four free e-books – each very important. Proceeds from any purchases will go to NHF from this particular link, so please share with people you care about. I went to the link and watch the 45 minute video with Bobby Kennedy Jr. a true American hero. It was inspiring. He covered many topics and revealed that no American media outlet with publish him. The last one to do so was Huffington Post … a decade ago in 2009! There really is no “liberal media” – all are corporately controlled. And did you know that Google’s parent company Alphabet allegedly cut a deal with one of the biggest of the big pHARMa giants: GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) for $600 million making Google now a vaccine company and using its deep data to monitor your health and sell you drugs? If you want to know who is important to read, note who is censured…. Bobby Kennedy is the most important voice for health freedom today since he advocates for Children’s Health Defense.

As co-host of the 5G Summit, Sayer Ji, a fellow board member at NHF, was kind enough to pave the way for NHF’s success by sharing a video mentioning his endorsement of NHF and explaining the problem of 5G. Here is a short video that was circulated on not only NHF’s e-list but on our social media platforms, here it is:

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